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Simple debugging and inspection of 3in1 carbonated drink filling machine

Simple debugging and inspection of 3in1 carbonated drink filling machine


The supplier of the three-in-one filling machine understands that nowadays aerated beverage filling machine is a common equipment for filling gaseous beverages.
Due to the application of automation equipment, it has brought a lot of convenience to everyone’s lives, but the gas-filled beverage filling machine is starting
 Some debugging work needs to be done before, so that can ensure the smooth progress of the installation work. Then what debugging needs to be done
before the start-up of the gas-filled beverage filling machine? Let us take a look together below.


The control system of the aerated beverage filling machine adopts conventional relay and connector control circuit,
which can automatically and coordinately direct the work of each part of the machine, such as water intake, syrup intake,
 mixed carbonization straight gas, and red color indication The lamp indicates the liquid level in the pre-carbonization tank,
syrup tank, and storage tank. The main circuit of the electrical system uses 36V direct current to the motor to send to the relays,
 which generates much less heat than the alternating current relay, which prolongs the service life of the electrical appliance and
 improves the operation of the whole machine.


What debugging needs to be done before the start of the gas-containing beverage filling equipment?

1. Loosen the cap of the automatic filling machine first, and then adjust the rod to change the position of the lower fixed rod.
 Therefore, the push-pull length of the syringe is also changed, achieving the purpose of free adjustment of the dispensing volume.
The screw is adjusted clockwise to increase, and vice versa, to decrease. The pointer indicates.

2. Tighten it immediately after adjustment, so that the lower fixed rod and crank are tightly tightened.

3. Loosen the nut and determine the correct position of the upper fixed rod according to the different syringe push lengths.
 After adjusting the lower fixed rod, turn the crank to turn the syringe to the top dead center, and then lift the outer sleeve of the
syringe about 2mm to prevent the needle from rotten, and then tighten the nut before turning on the machine.

Of course, in addition to the correct use of the carbonated beverage filling machine, we also need daily maintenance. For example,
 when the machine is running, we need to check whether the motor is running as expected, whether each program is running normally,
whether there is an abnormality in the production environment, and the cooling system. Whether there is any abnormality, whether there is abnormal vibration, abnormal sound, etc. during the production process.

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