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Shrink packing machine operation matters needing attention

by:Xinmao     2021-05-31
1. Shrink packing machine users need to use 380 v power supply, three phase four wire, four pin plug, power cord section was more than 6. The zero line must be connected to the machine, otherwise the machine cannot operation. ( Pay attention to the zero line must be connected) The machine such as the 220 v power source, three pin plug, power cord section was more than 4, chassis must be reliable grounding, to boot. 2. Consists of hot chamber, fluctuation is fixed for the interior has a set of open, electric heating tube temperature adjustable electric heat pipe for another group. 3. Packaging machine contraction to control room temperature at 230 ℃ ( 6 - 7) The following, conveyor speed control in 6 - 7 file below, if overtemperature, overspeed, can lead to premature aging circuits, electrical components life, the service life of the machine will be reduced. 4. Shrinkage at the bottom of the packing machine should maintain good ventilation, cooling condition, to prevent electrical components from overheating. 5. Shrink packing machine to use more than three months, check the constriction indoor wire aging, replaced as appropriate. 6. Packing materials through the studio in the middle as far as possible, lest meet bad quartz tube.
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