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Should be how to use the electromagnetic wave physical sterilization equipment?

by:Xinmao     2021-02-22
A physical sterilization equipment, electromagnetic wave is the use of microwave, the physics such as far infrared and ultraviolet radiation to heat sterilization, sterilization equipment is a kind of future development. The blunt CP - bottle machine Type 12 tuming machine is the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology both at home and abroad, on its own innovative design and become a bottle has a domestic advanced level of rotary machines. This machine is mainly suitable for bottled drinks, mineral water, coke and other material liquid filling production, plastic bottles for cleaning, can be used for large and medium-sized factories, also can use single. This machine mainly has the following characteristics: 1, the cleaning process is reasonable, the principle of spray type washing bottle inside and outside, and automatic drain the residual water in the bottle, empty bottle after cleaning meet health requirements; 2, transform the bottle shape, only need to replace the star wheel and guide can implement, the operation is simple and convenient. CP - 32 rushed outside the bottle machine is semi-automatic drench type bottle machine, suitable for all kinds of bottle shape and material of the old and the new bottle washing. The machine's main features are: the outer wall spray bottle, inside two consecutive wash, to ensure that the flushing effect; The main parts adopt stainless steel or copper alloy wear-resisting, prevent rust; Use tap water pressure work, strong adaptability. With reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, is widely used in wine, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar, such as liquid medicine manufacturers. 3, this machine is of special equipment for cleaning all kinds of plastic; 4, equipment, compact structure, perfect control system, easy operation and maintenance; In the second, beverage machinery automatic automatic bottle washing machine automatic bottle washing machine automatic bottle washer is divided into different types according to different situations: from the way in and out of the bottle can be divided into two type and single side type; From the transmission way of my bottle can be divided into continuous and intermittent; From the machine processing can be divided into the spray bottle way, scrub and immersion. The following main introduce according to the way of washing bottle. 1, jet bottle washing machine including inside and outside of the bottle washing. The center of the nozzle must be aimed at the center of the bottle. This type of washing, especially suitable for the crown cover because the bottleneck is small, usually only about 5 mm, with other type of bottle washing machine it is difficult to clean dirt inside the bottle. Nozzle should be used in high pressure type of detergent. But this way of washing bottle easy to generate foam, remove the trademark is also more difficult. In addition, due to the effect solution and carbon dioxide in the air, the concentration will soon reduced, energy consumption is bigger also. 2, soaking and scrubbing type bottle washing machine it is union through soaking in scrub and clean the bottle. This is a kind of scrubbing the bottle wall cleaning method effectively. In the past years with brush, because of the easy dropping, life is short, at the same time because of hiding dirt easily and affect the quality of scrub brush. In recent years, some countries have adopted synthetic materials for the brush, use effect is good. This kind of bottle washing machine wash part structure is more complex, because the brush and bottle must be alignment can enter into the bottle, so use this pattern also is not much. 3, soaking with jet taking advantages of soaking and jet inside, there is one or more of the dip tank and more injection parts, nozzle for high pressure type. Some think, when the injection part two injection tanks can be substituted to a certain extent, the cleaning effect of high pressure jet can be equivalent to scrub with the brush. 4, the immersion type bottle washer for once or several times hot water jet wash, and then in different temperature sink straight bottle submerged, After filling empty) For washing or disinfection. After the last flood, reoccupy spray rinse several times in order to sweep away the hot and cold water wash. Accordance with the requirements of the immersion bottle washer and with very little. Three, linear filling sealing machine filler: from the Angle to the packing of the material can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine, etc. ; From the degree of automation of production is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling production line; From the filling material can be divided into gas or not pressure filling machine, normal pressure filling machine, and negative pressure filling machine. Such as pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine is generally in the storage tank filling pressure is constant, when after being filled containers into the filling machine, the container first inflatable, gas can be compressed air, also can use carbon dioxide gas, carbon dioxide gas as well. When the pressure in the container and storage tank pressure is consistent, namely with the weight of material liquid through open filling the filling valve. In the process of filling, container gas to smooth out, back to the storage or air in the room. At present, in the soft drinks, champagne and beer filling, mostly adopts isobaric filling, the process is as follows: 1, the initial position bottles not yet exposed filling valve, all channels of gas and liquid in the closed state. 2, inflation pressure bottle with filling valve cover up to the desired location, then back to transfer the fork to charging valve is opened, the pressure of the gas from the circular storage tank through air passage into the bottle. 3, pressure release pressure relief valve opened, the pressure in the bottle after a needle valve in the pressure release channel, escape to the annular groove.
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