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Shanghai food machinery exhibition (2016)

by:Xinmao     2021-03-21
Shanghai food machinery exhibition - 2016 The international line exhibitors, one day is not enough. Solstice 25 August 27, 2016, Shanghai new tracing exhibition service co. , LTD. , is joint related department to apply the building of China's food industry trade event & ndash; — “ The international food packaging and processing equipment exhibition (2016) & throughout; Strong will to Shanghai & middot; New international exhibition center, the exhibitors at home and abroad, with the support from the industry, have made substantial progress, has become the industry recognized the national food industry scale is huge, the effect of nice industry event. New mark international food industry exhibition after six years of carefully nurtured in Shanghai has successfully held six sessions, as in the field of food industry event has 3 big title several big exhibition project: food and beverage machinery, packaging machinery exhibition, exhibition equipment, refrigeration equipment exhibition, beverage machinery exhibition, food preservation equipment, meat processing equipment, from more than 40 countries and regions in the world related industries more than 600 enterprises, each year, there are domestic and international food industry manufacturer column group created, more than 50000 professionals to visit, for the local economic development plays an important role in promoting, is the government related functional unit is one of the key support of exhibition projects, but also many well-known equipment manufacturers of food keen to participate in the exhibition is the food industry! For the vast number of exhibitors to provide a more high-quality and efficient investment, trade, display platform. Since the end of August 28, 2015 the previous exhibition, 2016 food industry exhibition promotional work in organizing department management have hot start, electric media, print media, network media all-round synchronous promotion! Through various channels at home and abroad, inviting audiences to the exhibition site purchasing negotiation, and the print media, television media, outdoor media, network and so on a variety of channels, all-round three-dimensional propaganda. In addition, organizational units use the powerful database resources to issue 500000 invitations. Invite domestic and foreign agents, wholesalers, chain supermarket, hotel procurement channels, special group-buying business professional audience. Help the exhibitors direct, quick access to business opportunities, make each exhibitor to improve product reputation, expand sales channels, you can find the resources and to get information. Food machinery exhibition (2016) and processing equipment exhibition industry will continue to strengthen the association, based in Shanghai and consulates, foreign Chambers of commerce exchanges and cooperation, broaden and deepen its influence in the food industry. Shanghai food machinery exhibition (2016) is not only a brand event, more committed to promote the development of communication industry, all-round services for exhibitors to provide long-term, become the food industry exhibition & other; Vane & throughout; 。 2016 China food machinery exhibition, 2016 Shanghai food machinery exhibition, Shanghai food machinery exhibition in 2016, 2016 Asian packaging machinery exhibition 2016 the seventh session of Shanghai international food packaging and processing equipment exhibition is looking forward to your arrival!
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