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Screw cap machine in beverage machinery is used for what?

by:Xinmao     2021-02-15
A, define the screw cap machine is also known as capping machine or capping machine, in beverage machinery Chinese style used for plastic bottle, glass bottle, Molded bottle or bottle) pipe After repackaging caps tighten and unscrew the equipment. Screw cap machine is commonly used in powder injection of antibiotics glass bottles ( Molded bottle or bottle) pipe After partial shipments of aluminum cover or cover for aluminium rolling cover sealing equipment. Second, the application characteristics 1, aluminum cover Gary speed is adjustable. 2, automatic stop function. 3, on the principle of seven station three knife pad cover, rolling pressure aluminum cover without damage, rolling mouth and firm, smooth level off, the percent of pass & ge; 99. 5% 4, the machine is compact reasonable structure, stable running, flexible operation, specification conversion convenient adjustment. 5, has adjustable rotary buffer into the bottle. Three, the main technical parameters of screw cap machine: production capacity: 7 120 bottles of 150 ml bottle/min10ml ~ 12 ml/min power: 1. 5 kw 50 hz, 380 v shape size: ( L× W× H) 1100× 620× 1750 mm heavy volume: about 500 kg
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