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Screw cap machine can tighten cap of honey?

by:Xinmao     2021-02-15
The company specializing in the production of beverage machinery, welcome to buy. Screw cap machine can tighten cap of honey? This question will be answered in my article, in order to reduce weight, damaged packaging and transportation and meet the requirements of the safety of consumers, today, many large retailers, beverage and food producers are required to use plastic packaging. All in all, the change of packaging materials at the same time, to maintain brand integrity and ensure the quality of products is a major challenge. Because, will be a long time has been accepted by the market, and it has a high recognition, understanding and trust of consumers glass packaging change become a kind of plastic packaging, it is possible to brand crisis in the consumer market. In addition, many need high temperature processing products, such as the sterilizer and hot filling packing, in this kind of transformation trend is facing the technical problem. A composite sealing cover & ndash; — Is a kind of two pieces of the structure of the cap, including a central metal plate and a plastic outer ring & ndash; — Brand can help achieving the transformation of from glass packaging to plastic packaging. Compared with ordinary cover gasket, composite packing gland has more important practical value and a more powerful brand appeal. Composite packing gland through the reasonable combination of the material, can bring a new image of the brand. Keep elegant appearance, when we talk about the packing, often need to consider the cost factor. Many prestigious brands don't really care about compete on price, but the brand loyalty and brand familiarity. Orange juice, and pickled products, manufacturers often will packing as the first step in brand differentiation. Most of the metal sealing cover is not suitable for supporting for plastic cans and plastic bottles, but mixed material or composite materials cover gasket can be used in plastic containers. Plastic containers on the composite sealing cover not only retained the traditional packaging appearance, but also increase the thread for rotation. Composite sealing cover to pop another reason is that, technically very safe, even in an instant, hit the consumer also need not worry about packing. Brand exhibition space, most use glass packaging match the metal sealing cover brand has been recognized in the importance of the brand mark on the plug. This kind of plug is used in product packaging, day after day become the link between consumers and brands. A rational design of composite packaging, not only can keep familiar with the brand image of the consumer loyalty; In addition, the metal with beautiful decoration also can reflect a kind of associated with the brand, the high quality of the outer and the inner beauty. For many products, change the packing into plastic can mean must meet the requirements of pasteurized in the process of machining process. But after the plastic sealed cover is unable to withstand the high temperature environment in the process of sterilization, and composite sealing cover can meet any requirement of the high temperature pasteurization, this is converting glass packaging plastic packaging, or convert plastic packaging to glass packaging a major advance. Customized bottle caps, custom metal sealing cover can increase brand awareness and increase product sales to provide a shortcut to improve cost efficiency. The role of the modern packaging sealing cover is not only confined to keep the integrity of the product, they are a number of ways to enhance the brand image of the product. From the marketing point of view, the products cover gasket can promote the brand awareness at a lower cost. As we know, in the supermarket shelves, increasingly crowded today, innovative and unique design of metal sealing cover will be a beautiful scenery, can hold consumer's eyes. For food and beverage industry, has the important environmental characteristics of these new technologies means metal cans packaging can become a kind of highest efficiency, the strongest appeal, on the consumer, the most environmentally friendly packaging products. Food and beverage industry should tell the terminal consumer it so as to benefit the entire industry. In addition they also cooperate with packaging suppliers, let metal cans packaging prove that they are environmentally friendly & other; The best experience & throughout; 。
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