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Reverse osmosis equipment cleaning

by:Xinmao     2021-04-28
Reverse osmosis technology increasingly extensive application by superior. Reverse osmosis beverage equipment cleaning problems could make many technical force is not strong user suffer, so be ready to drink equipment cleaning and maintenance, can avoid the serious problem. 1. Low pressure flush the reverse osmosis equipment regular maintenance on reverse osmosis equipment, large flow, low pressure, low pH value of flushing for stripping adhesion on the membrane surface dirt, maintain membrane performance, or when the SDI jump more than 5 reverse osmosis equipment into the water. More than 5 should be low pressure flush, again after being qualified SDI value to boot. 2. Reverse osmosis equipment shutdown maintenance due to fluctuations in production, reverse osmosis equipment inevitably often shut down, all beverage equipment short-term or long-term outage protection measures must be taken, improper handling can lead to membrane performance degradation and recovery. Short-term save 15 d the following applies to shut down the system, can be used for every 1 ~ 3 d low pressure washing method to protect the reverse osmosis device. Practice found that the water temperature is 20 ℃ above, the water in the reverse osmosis device to store 3 d will stink metamorphism, there is a lot of bacteria breeding. Therefore, it is suggested that water temperature above 20 ℃, once every 2 d or 1 d low pressure flush, when the water temperature is less than 20 ℃, can once every 3 d low pressure flush, after each wash need to shut down water purification equipment, reverse osmosis devices on all import and export valves. Disable protection for a long time more than 15 d applies to shut down the system, then must use protect fluid filling the reverse osmosis pure water equipment, for their own protection. 3. Reverse osmosis membrane chemical cleaning under normal operation conditions, reverse osmosis membrane may also be inorganic scale, colloid, microorganism, metal oxides, such as pollution, these substances deposited on the membrane surface to cause water purification equipment, reverse osmosis unit output descent or desalination rate, higher pressure difference, even cause unrecoverable damage to membrane, therefore, in order to restore good waterproof and desalination performance, need for chemical cleaning membrane.
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