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Pure water production line need the right maintenance

by:Xinmao     2021-05-21
Along with the advance of technology, pure water production line are becoming more and more advanced, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved, now a lot of demand to expand the production scale of enterprises are starting to happen to coincide the attention of the pure water production line, the pure water production line in food, medicine, daily chemical production enterprises play an important role. Pure water production line machinery in use for a long time after the hard to avoid can some fault this is normal phenomenon, if we can be a very good maintenance of pure water production line, not only can prolong the service life of it, and to make it more efficient to use, the following for you to introduce pure water production line maintenance and maintenance methods. 1, when the pure water production line stop using immediately with water rinse the residual liquid in the pipeline, or after the residual liquid metamorphic will affect next flight quality of the products, if necessary, but should be under the infusion plastic work don't pull hair brush, and try to wipe clean the machine in time, keep dry clean. 2, check all the moving parts and lubrication condition,, and foot # 20 lubricating oil base grease or sister. Otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the machine. 3, regular check, clean horizontal heat sealing copper on the face of foreign body, there is no scaling phenomenon, otherwise, do not fall of the thermal conductivity, copper piece of higher temperature, horizontal heat sealing a thermal cutting bag not normal. 4, found abnormal situation, should immediately cut off the power, out of the rear can be used again.
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