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Pure water production line industry should seek progress in the stability, towards a high level

by:Xinmao     2021-05-22
Pure water production line is according to user requirements, system running reliable, economic and reasonable for the principle, the related design standards and specifications, with ground water or tap water as raw water source and compiled. Pure water production line adopting & other; Pretreatment + single stage ro & throughout; Water treatment process, the reasonable design, stable operation and water quality meet the requirements of production, and has been applied in a number of similar engineering and inspection. Pure water production line with convenient installation, easy to use, easy operation, convenient maintenance. Pure water production line running stability, energy saving, environmental protection, high degree of automation, economic and practical features. Pure water production line of raw water quality reach the standard of water quality of the drinking water, water rate & ge; m3/h( 25℃) Effluent water quality to achieve direct drinking water quality standard, control equipment, measuring instrument and electrical equipment design, manufacture in accordance with relevant regulations and standards. Pure water production line of early treatment of raw water, improve water quality, make it meet the requirements, reduce and delay the membrane pollution and extend the life of its processing object mainly is the microorganisms, bacteria in the water and colloid, organic matter, heavy metal ions and solid particles and free chlorine, etc. Pure water production line in order to meet the requirements of reverse osmosis unit into the water, guarantee the reverse osmosis unit can run stably for a long term. It is composed of sand filter, carbon filter, water softener, and security of the filter. Pure water production line, filter out the sediment in the water, impurities, suspended solids, to reduce the raw water of SDI ( Pollution index density) Value, has the dual role, one is the adsorption; 2 it is filtered. Pure water production line chemical organics, heavy metals in tap water, chromaticity, peculiar smell, residual chlorine, etc, to improve the taste. By sodium type cation exchange resin exchange process, pure water production line to remove raw water fouling ions such as calcium, magnesium, get rid of the hardness of raw water, security filters, PPF 5 micron filter, intercept greater than 5 micron objects, prolonging the life of the membrane. The separation of aperture in 10 - pure water production line 6cm- 10 - 7 cm, organic matters, such as heat source, the virus can remove water, fluid after three pretreatment before the water by reverse osmosis RO membrane host deep separation, make the beneficial to human health through the water, is not conducive to human health of water, desalination rate is 98%, pure water production line into pure water, pure water production line at any time dynamic display water purification water quality status of production, to provide membrane through the working pressure of water. Keep the water production rate. For level 1 reverse osmosis pure water production line system.
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