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Pure water filling production line sterilization treatment scheme

by:Xinmao     2021-01-12
Typical process reservoir - pure water filling production line Booster pump - Dielectric filters - more Activated carbon - Reverse osmosis system Ultrafiltration or - fine filtration Ozone and ultraviolet sterilization - Fine filtration - Filling production line frequently during the preparation of pure water problems often encountered bacteria such as overweight, frequently, green algae in bottled water, affect the taste, the phenomenon such as serious when can appear even fishy. Ultrafiltration membrane without proper maintenance, the lining will be some black material blockage, led to the decrease of the flow capacity, can't work normally. Polluted after the whole system can make a good water quality deterioration, and even can't production. Pure water filling production line of sterilization treatment scheme 1, adding the chlorine dioxide or other sterilization agent, bacterium and algae by preventing metabolism to kill bacteria and algae in raw water, after 2, sterilization, raw water by the mesh filter, bacterium and algae using ultrafiltration membrane to remove the body directly, and repeatedly back flush, removes pollutants pressure washing and so on, to ensure that the ultrafiltration membrane surface no bacterium and algae breeding. 3, raw water by the ultrafiltration membrane in addition to bacteria and algae, and most of the colloid and suspended solids, water purification into activated carbon adsorption odor, activated carbon can play the biggest role, otherwise the bacteria in raw water, colloid, such as directly into the activated carbon, will make its surface pore blockage and soon lose function, even cause the entire pure water filling production line to produce water is unqualified.
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