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Pure water filling production line can be realized in one multi-functional operations

by:Xinmao     2021-01-12
Pure water filling production line mainly by washing bottle, filling and sealing of three parts, among them, the bottle washer adopts multichannel washing liquid injection and disinfectant spray, achieve the purpose of washing disinfection, and sealing machine can automatically seal, operation is simple and convenient. The pure water filling production line is set with automatic cleaning, disinfection, filling, gland, count and output a variety of functions, and has complete functions, novel design, high degree of automation of the new bottled drinking water equipment. Pure water filling production line is mainly used for polyester bottles of various production of pure water, mineral water, soda water, in rushed bottle, filling and capping machine operations, including: 1, the whole machine design scientific and reasonable, beautiful appearance, complete functions, convenient operation and maintenance, and high degree of automation. Integrated with Italy, Germany advanced technology. Filling speed, liquid level control. 2, using the air into the bottle, bottle, washing, bottle filling and capping, bottle height without limit, as long as the bottle mouth, bottle tops the same optional replacement bottle shape, change the wheel plate can pull. Oil nylon gear transmission, low noise, smooth operation. 3, using magnetic torque type screw LIDS, realize cover, screw cap function. Screw torque stepless adjustable, with functions of constant torque rotary sealing plastic cover, and does not cover, tight sealing is reliable. Horizontal rotary pneumatic GaiQi, with no damage to surface of bottle caps, hopper in the lack of cover signal automatically add cover, and other functions. 4, the whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen button, tank liquid level automatic control, no bottle no filling, no bottle no stamp function, and dial the star wheel card dislocation downtime, cover chute is short of cover in downtime, and other functions. 5, the adoption of cap system, have perfect feed cover technology and protection device, equipped with overload protection device, can effectively protect the machine equipment and the operator. 6, automatic control, water level control system with material card bottle automatic stop device, etc. Bottle type adopts hanging filling, different, the thick book can be used. 7, water filling production line host controlled by frequency conversion transfer belt, can be easily made by ability to adapt to the speed control. Micro electrical data control, stable performance, to make the operation simple and more human. 8, water filling production line cylinder for filling power, high productivity, simple structure, easy maintenance. Screw cover part of the automatic sliding device, screw-top elastic properly. 9, filling more rapid, stable and accurate match perfect return system, equipment, beverage and avoid the secondary pollution and oxidation, the body structure is good, complete control system, convenient operation, high automation. Door of the town, zhangjiagang flourish, teng beverage packaging machinery factory is an enterprise specializing in the production of pure water filling production line, in addition to the pure water filling production line, the company's main products are: fruit juice filling production line, the pure water filling production line, bottled water filling production line, the soda filling production line, tea beverage filling production line, carbonated beverage filling production line and so on, welcome to come to consult!
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