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Pure water filling machine cylinder does not work

by:Xinmao     2021-01-13
Pure water filling machine adopts card bottleneck transmission technology, the realization of automatic disinfection, salt bottle, filling and screw cap, a high degree of automation; Most of the drink mechanical electrical system parts adopt advanced foreign products, equipment and components in contact with the liquid all use high quality stainless steel materials, has wear-resisting, stability, low failure rate, the quality of the products in the international advanced level. But if it is found that pure water filling machine cylinder didn't work, is caused by what reason? A number of reasons and the solution: one, check the insurance tube to see if there is damage, if there is damage, please change into new; Second, the urgent stop switch is pressed, twisted urgent stop switch, it returned to in situ; Three cylinder piston o-rings, checking if there is sticky, make live he dead, change type O sealing ring; Four, on the surface of the filling head filling valve core are jammed, such as card dead, please install the valve core to good location; 5, check the gas source and the power switch is on, if not open, please open the air switch and power; Six, two magnetic switches are in good condition, if there are any damage, please replace in a timely manner; Seven, gauge whether meet the requirements, and presence of air into the machine, please access to source and identify pressure reaches the requirements; Eight, check to see if material cylinder piston stuck, if any problem, please reinstall good location; After nine, fixed the position of the magnetic switch, magnetic switch must be fixed on the back of the cylinder cylinder work position, unable to move.
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