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Pure water equipment maintenance and repair specification

by:Xinmao     2021-05-21
1. Pure water production line running for a period of time, water quality will be worse, in order to meet the requirements of the RO water and production water for inspection on a regular basis. 1. Pure water production line 1 high turbidity water quality, water quality analysis results pollution index is high, the reasons are generally more medium filtering; Such as high residual chlorine, generally in the activated carbon filter. 1. 2. Pure water production line of raw water analysis if the raw water turbidity, COD, multimedia filter of circulating water, the water quality has the biggest impact. When the water cycle more than standard, you need to take immediate action. 2 check water activated carbon is normal, and the residual chlorine or COD exceeds bid, should be activated carbon packing inspection. Activated carbon adsorption of residual chlorine and organic matter has a certain capacity; When the adsorption saturation, should be replaced, general replacement cycle is one year. 3. Pure water production line reverse osmosis maintenance 3. 1, pure water production line strictly control quality, to ensure that the system meet the requirements of water quality conditions. 3. 2 pure water production line working pressure control: should meet the production water, water quality on the premise of low pressure, low membrane as the minimum pressure working pressure, reduce the water flux attenuation, reduce the membrane GengHuanLv. 3. 3 pure water production line temperature control: the actual water consumption should be according to the critical pressure to meet the production requirements and quality of water requirement, the minimum temperature as the inlet temperature of the time, this can reduce the hydrolysis rate of membrane. 3. Pure water production line 4 emission control: with the water temperature, the change of factors such as work stress, control discharge and water production as a percentage, otherwise it will influence the desalting rate of the equipment. 3. Pure water production line 5 countermeasures 3 high summer temperatures. 5. Pure water production line in ensure water salinity, reduce the operating pressure and actual relief operations under the premise of this response is the best countermeasure. 3. 5. 2 according to the requirements of water supply closed reverse osmosis pure water production line. But not more than 24 hours down time, otherwise may cause the membrane surface bacteria, reduce the use of performance. Equipment should not be down for a long time, at least run or cleaning every day about 1 hour, like preparing to stop more than 72 hours, it is best to use chemical cleaning device for filling the composition of the 1% sodium bisulfite solution protection; Reverse osmosis, the operator should be once every 2 hours operation RO system for a period of time, if the fresh water production decline, the operating system operation for a period of time, if the fresh water production decline, high water, otherwise it will lead to membrane components condensed water side of the scale, has a direct effect on life of components. To turn it off before start manually flush valve, low pressure cleaning 2 - membrane component 5 minutes, condensed water, wash finished, close the switch manual cleaning. 3. 6 RO system performance of the main operation factors: RO system can long-term stable operation, in addition to the pretreatment of target, component performance, the system design is reasonable, also depends on the scientific management of operation. 3. Pure water production line water pollution index is colloid reflect the water content of practical measures. SDI failure led to the frequent cleaning of membrane, the influence of the membrane performance and service life. Different membrane modules have different effects on SDI different requirements, the composite film need water SDI≤ 4 or turbidity & le; l。 3. 8 pure water production line of chlorine residual chlorine compound membrane demand is high, less than 0. 1 mg/L, otherwise it will cause irreparable damage to composite film; In the pipeline, equipment cleaning and cleaning fluid storage, should absolutely be careful, don't to dry the RO membrane element residual chlorine water. If the residual chlorine was suspected of water, chemical testing must be conducted, to ensure that the water does not contain residual chlorine. When the original residual chlorine concentration of 1 mg/L, you can use NaHSO 3 ( Na 2 3) Remove residual chlorine, and to ensure enough response time to completely remove residual chlorine. Shall periodically measuring the residual chlorine in the water content, every 3 months for an initial test, once a month, middle test once a day, or according to the calculated value of activated carbon activated carbon.
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