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Prospects of the development of filling machine is analysed in various industries

by:Xinmao     2021-04-10
The emergence of filling machinery led to a lot of the rapid development of the enterprise, at present has used in many industries, so that the development of filling machine is very fast. Currently filling machine in the food industry, beverage industry, cosmetic industry etc widely used, with the emergence of aquatic products, puts forward new requirements for packaging technology and equipment. Filling machine under the following simple discussion in all walks of life: the prospect of development of chemical industry, chemical liquid generally have slight corrosion type and highly corrosive, such material makes filling machine have the characteristics of the ph and the corrosion resistance, the common filling machinery on the market for food and daily chemical class of conventional filling machine commonly, corrosive filling machine, more the requirements of the enterprises in material selection, the increase in the degree of automation, machine stability have higher standards. In recent years, the corrosive liquid filling machine has been gradually developed, performance and handling also reached the world level, within the next few years, our country's chemical filling machine will gradually go abroad, towards the world. Food industry: at present, food packaging machinery, increasingly fierce competition, the future of food filling machinery will cooperate with industry automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment, development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment. Many enterprises annual output value was in the tens of millions of millions of is very few, this phenomenon shows that China's packaging industry has occupied the dominant position in the market. But due to the very rapid development, also there will be a part of the enterprise faces collapse or transferred to civilian work, some join this again at the same time, extremely unstable, seriously hindered the stability of its industry development. Therefore, we should to consider from the Angle of market changes, to ensure the stability and development. Daily chemical industry, most rapidly filling machinery in this industry, cosmetics, toothpaste, shoe polish, cosmetic product cannot leave the filling machine filling, many enterprises are also accelerating the production which USES the new type filling equipment instead of the traditional filling equipment, so to speed up the production efficiency of enterprises. As a result of rapid consumption of cosmetic market, thus promote the filling machine in the rapid development of chemical industry. The pharmaceutical industry, some of the liquid medicine comes from or filling viscous liquid filling machinery. Such as: oral liquid, become pipagao in, all kinds of pesticide liquid filling machine can be used or paste filling machine for filling. In other industries, filling machinery also play an important role, for the hot pot bed charge packing, is a clumsy way of artificial repackaging before, not only low efficiency, and takes the human resource is too big, the enterprise production cost, higher the occurrence of hot pot bed charge filling machine greatly solved this difficult problem.
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