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Process of pure water production line

by:Xinmao     2021-05-22
Pure water production line the machine combines washing, filling and capping functions in an organic whole. As a whole stainless steel, corrosion resistance, easy to clean. This machine adopts imported PLC control. Pure water production line, the structure is compact, small footprint workshop, high efficiency and stable, high degree of automation. Process of pure water production line: when the drive motor with empty bottles, operation and with induction patches on the chain into the positioning induction, orientation inductive switch sends a signal to make the drive motor stop, wash bottle water pump start at the same time, the corresponding washing disinfection work ( Flushing time is set by PLC program control) ; Rinse, rinse clean empty bottles through the transmission, driving mechanism of washing bottle fell on the bottles on the shelf, push the bottle cylinder work, push the empty bottle to the filling position, make the filling nozzle on the bottle mouth, such as pure water after washing, filling pump start filling. Filling time adjusted by the user according to the need of PLC signal control, when filling full filling electromagnetic valve closed, stop the water, after filling, the lower a water bottle will have full pitcher to cover area of cover, and sent to the gland area, gland pneumatic cylinders GaiQi pressure will cap pressure.
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