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Precision farming in guizhou agricultural products deep processing of small thorn pear into kingo

by:Xinmao     2021-05-20
Chinese girls seem to have a deep obsession for whitening, combined with a whitening effect of fruit also became their mind is good, what like tomatoes, pear, kiwi fruit, lemon & hellip; … Wish as a day of 3 eat supplements, of course, these fruits processing food with the people's heart, too. At first the author heard thorn pear because a main whitening cosmetics, then heard in places such as South Korea, Germany, the fruit of industry chain has spread like tendrils. So in our country, the development of this kind of fruit? Thorn pear is subtropical fruits, distribution in our country, guizhou, yunnan and other places. As with & other; Vitamin C king & throughout; As the prickly pear is not only a whitening effect. Its medicinal value in compendium of materia medica recorded earlier, because other rich in a variety of amino acid, vitamin and mineral nutrition elements, enables its to prevent scurvy, suppressor, is the health of natural health food products; Its rich tree roots, strong ability to adapt, can cure karst rocky desertification phenomenon. It may be said both ecological and economic benefits as a whole. Guizhou region people gradually realized that this kind of fruit broad market space, constant thorn pear into the development of power industry in recent years. Guizhou multiple municipal government money for water power development of thorn pear industry plate out of nearly 500 mu of mountain city xiangshui town gardens in thorn pear planting and deep processing projects, with & other Wine + thorn pear + organic & throughout; Mountain villages, in the form of integration, liquor, farm resources, rich pear industry development carrier, do big modern agriculture industrial park, and stronger deep processing of agricultural products. Trait buyi and miao autonomous prefecture of longli put up no less than 1 million of the money each year to award generation support thorn pear industry development. Introduction of south China science and technology of guizhou biological engineering company in the valley of the foot thorn pear powder processing industrial park construction projects, the annual processing thorn pear fruit, 15000 tons, production value of 300 million yuan. The county has & other; Tea thorn pear & throughout; And & other Valley foot thorn pear & throughout; Two guizhou province famous trademark. Anshun city developed four gold thorn pear as raw material processing enterprises, and guide the gold thorn pear industry is moving towards the scale, intensive gradually. In the future, the city plans to introduce three to five gold pear processing enterprises, the annual output up to 300000 to 500000 tons, increase production while increasing anshun gold thorn pear brand overall image. Thorn pear deep processing enterprise with science and technology power extension industry chain because the thorn pear deep processing is still in its beginning stage in China, so for the product research and development to science and technology strength of injection. Guizhou companies realize that, with the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences', Beijing forestry university, south China university of technology and other research institutions to establish the cooperation relations, the current research and development to derive the thorn pear dry red, gold pear health wine, the prickly pear beverage, gold pear, gold pear juice, and the thorn pear, gold stab thorn pear fruit, golden pear health tea and other products. Anshun Yi Xing food with southwest university cooperation common development gold pear products, they are by reference to foreign thorn pear industry in developed countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other places, study create the prickly pear juice beverage, gold stab thorn pear, gold pear tea health care products, such as production lines, let the thorn pear juice drink, vitamin C tablets, stab thorn pear healthy oral liquid, SOD cosmetics gold pear series products in the domestic production. Constant force source is relying on the wahaha group and the colleges and universities in the province of the technical team, thorn pear series of products imported from abroad advanced production line and packing line of thorn pear production of compound beverage products. In addition to Hong Kong born crown hall of health care products development co. , LTD. Signed a long-term research and development, production, sales of thorn pear series products of strategic cooperation agreement, nine Jane biological co. , LTD with South Korea and the European famous vitamin r&d company signed a memorandum of cooperation, open the international market of guizhou thorn pear. In fact, the value of guizhou ancients in thorn pear already had a profound understanding of, the history of consumption of thorn pear is relatively long. Like a thorn pear wine, dry thorn pear production technology of this kind of product is relatively mature. Into the modern, the use of modern equipment produced in further cut labor production technology as well as a certain improvement, product quality for the produce more modern consumer demand. Like a thorn pear wine using modern extraction technology, using thorn pear juice concentrate and maotai production made from high quality maotai-flavor liquor, for finished product retains more nutrients; And use the drying equipment made of thorn pear, get rid of the waste products caused by the original day dinner. Today, under the social from all walks of life strongly support, establish a thorn pear deep processing plants in guizhou, developed a variety of thorn pear new products. Thorn pear industry is grow up to be a new growth point of economy in guizhou.
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