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Plate sterilization equipment and the difference between the tubular sterilizer

by:Xinmao     2021-05-30
Plate sterilization equipment and tubular sterilizer is 1, the volume of equipment type sterilization equipment by the clamp in the framework of a set of stainless steel plate heat transfer, compact structure, and working in a small volume can accommodate larger heat transfer area, this is one of the prominent advantages of plate heat exchanger, and the heating, cooling and heat recovery organic to combine together; And the same volume of tubular heat exchanger heat transfer area is big. 2 plate sterilization equipment, heat transfer efficiency in plate sterilization equipment, heating and cooling medium is the gap between two pieces of stainless steel thin plate in the formation of the flow, because of the gap between plates is very small, usually only 3 & middot; 5 ~ 4 mm, in which fluid flow can be obtained when the high flow velocity, and heat transfer plate stamping has a certain shape of convex concave corrugated, forcing fluid changing the direction of the flow, forming the fierce turbulence, destroyed the stagnation layer, reducing the thermal resistance. This state can not only make the fluid is uniformly distributed between the board, but also a higher heat transfer coefficient, to achieve the same heat transfer, the plate heat exchanger is one of the most economic. In order to achieve the same effect, and tube heat exchanger of the pipe has a ripple, but the coefficient of heat transfer and heat transfer per unit area is smaller than plate heat exchanger. 3, working temperature and pressure tubular sterilizer because of its structure features, more resistant to high temperature and high pressure, strong ability to resist heat bilges cold shrink; And plate type sterilization equipment restricted by plate and sealing gasket, unable to bear high temperature and pressure, heating scale is more sensitive. 4, applications plate sterilizer is generally applied to high temperature short time sterilization (pasteurized 72~75℃, 15s) , material after pasteurization plate heat exchangers, kill pathogenic bacteria and harmful bacteria, and passivation of enzymes, their product under the condition of refrigerated storage. Tubular sterilizer general application of ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization ( UHT, 137 ~ 140℃, 4 s) , at the temperature to keep a certain amount of time in order to achieve commercial asepsis level, and then in the condition of aseptic filling in a sterile packaging container of the product. UHT products can save in the cold storage conditions, can keep a long time and high quality products. Material management type ultra high temperature sterilization system to kill all can lead to microbial products go bad, make the product can be stored at room temperature for a period of time. Tubular sterilization equipment 5, save heat energy, heat recovery efficiency of plate and tube type sterilization equipment have a heat recovery section, but the plate type sterilization equipment in heat recovery section, heat sterilization after thermal material for just coming into the heat exchanger of cold material preheat, itself is cooled at the same time, this process is called heat recovery. In modern plate sterilization equipment, heat recovery can reach 94%. Through heat recovery period not only save the heat, and reduces the consumption of cooling water. And tube type heat sterilization equipment heating sterilization of material transfer heat to water supply, and then passed to the materials, heat recovery rate is low. 6, the requirement of material plate sterilization equipment generally cannot handle materials with particles and fibers, and tubular sterilization equipment is different from the plate heat exchanger, it there is no point of contact on product channel, so that you can handle with particles and fiber material, for the product adaptability is strong, able to heat treatment for high viscosity of the product. 7, working time and washing time due to the diameter of the pipe is heat transfer plate of the distance between the large, tubular sterilization equipment boot without downtime often after cleaning, so, tubular sterilization equipment than plate sterilization equipment running time is long, with large production capacity.
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