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PET bottled drinks warm filling technology in the application of high-speed production line

by:Xinmao     2021-03-19
Filling technology application: PET bottled drinks warm filling technology in the application of high-speed production line from PET bottled drinks warm filling technology was born in China, using the technology of filling production line after few years of development has been more mature, and formed a certain market scale. The technology is a common PET bottle temperature tolerance limit as a starting point, with the filling of form a complete set of production line, filling environment as well as the subsequent process, if it does not add any preservatives in down and reach the purpose of product preservation. Revealed through production practice, it has been using the heat-resistant PET bottle beverage production, product health indicators reached the heat-resistant PET bottled drinks health technical indicators and the relevant national standards, the shelf life of products has reached more than a year. This technique depends on filling system of reasonable design, perfect packaging sterilization system and the establishment of air purification system, comprehensive and thoughtful SIP system and CIP system and perfect production quality control management. With the rapid development of China's beverage industry, PET bottled drinks warm filling production line to the high speed development become inevitable. Implementation in PET bottled drinks warm high speed filling production line, is not a simple equipment. Compared with the previous low speed in the production line, should be before filling the empty bottle of inverted bottle sterilization after sterilizing and filling technology and equipment innovation and breakthrough. After years of unremitting research and exploration, PET bottled drinks warm filling production line made a breakthrough in the realization of high speed leap, the whole line equipment level is close to the current international advanced level. 1, low speed production line in the empty bottle sterilization adopted conservative way of disinfectant perfusion, maintain, dumping, the way of equipment links, covers an area of big, not suitable for high speed production line. Must optimize the empty bottle sterilization process, simplify the sterilization equipment to meet the requirements of production line to realize high speed. For this new mihoshi of jiangsu cooperation with international famous disinfectant production enterprise, in a more safe and efficient disinfection is replacing the early use of detergent, changed the original packaging ( Bottles and caps) The sterilization process. By the original way of disinfectant perfusion, maintain, dumping disinfectant spray blunt way, instead of empty bottle sterilization adopts nozzle inserted into the bottle mobile spray poison causing method, and provide efficient spray nozzle imports from the United States, sterilization, safety thoroughly. At the same time, the equipment detergent consumption greatly reduced, the original process is only 1/3 of the consumption, greatly saves the operation cost advantage. Simplify the packaging sterilization equipment, reduced the equipment cover an area of an area, the most important thing is more suitable for high speed in the warm, filling production line. In addition, the bottle sterilization in closed environment, microorganisms are easy to control, fully improve the operating environment. Easier to waste recycling and processing, environmentally friendly, to the greatest extent to protect operators from a detergent. 2, in the low speed production line of bottle bottle sterilization adopted down long net chain conveyor belt, which covers an area of big, need to be supplemented by artificial righting the bottle, is not suitable for the automation of production line and high speed. To meet the requirements of high speed production line, our company draw lessons from and adopted high temperature bottle filling production line of sterilization chain model. To meet the requirements of cap sterilization time at the same time, the spray cooling machine designed to spray sterilization machine, in order to make up for the inadequacy of inverted bottle sterilization time, make our products fully sterilization before cooling. In addition, the whole production line of key equipment ( Empty bottle sterilization twice five unity, washing, filling and capping machine) Has the following characteristics: 1, using the wind to send tao and dial wheel direct-connect technology into the bottle, bottle feeding thumbwheel innovative design with the function of bottle of bottle of holding mechanism, to eliminate the bottle feeding screw and conveyor chain, change the bottle shape and adjust any parts should be replaced. All adopt the card 2, bottles transmission bottleneck technique, and USES the card bottle bottle instead of the traditional thumbwheel, transform bottle shape does not need to adjust equipment, also do not need to change and adjust any parts. 3, a specially designed stainless steel bottle clamp sturdy, out of touch with bottle threaded parts, to avoid secondary pollution bottle. Disinfectant and sterile water flushing pipeline are equipped with a pressure detection switch, with low voltage protection function. 4, using UHT and filling machine direct way, to reduce pollution. Feeding way give priority to liquid tubes are connected to the distributor by static seal, using cylinder structure. Filling machine is equipped with CIP cleaning cup, can make the filling valve in contact with the material of internal and external wall can effectively CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization. 5 sterile water, detergent bottles machine, bottle machine, filling machine, cap unscrewing machine, transition between dial wheel rotation and the rotational parts such as adopt tank sealing isolation, effectively protect the bearing steel parts from corrosion of disinfectant. Isolate the unclean air invade into at the same time, filling of clean environment.
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