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PET bottled drinks beverage machinery the prospect of aseptic filling?

by:Xinmao     2021-05-14
Food packaging, the main requirement is that convenient for storage and transportation, reducing the loss of the original performance, not to bring extra damage, increase the sensual pleasure, the price is reasonable. Currently, the way of liquid food packaging mainly include: ordinary packaging, secondary sterilization packaging ( Including cans, bottles and bags, etc. ) , hot filling, vacuum packaging, plastic packaging, radiation sterilization packaging and aseptic packaging. Liquid food aseptic packaging is the development of new technology in recent years, due to its obvious advantages, the development is very fast. Food aseptic packaging is after sterilization of liquid food packaging in a sterile environment, closed after sterilization containers, in does not add preservatives, get a longer shelf life without refrigeration conditions. Can also, in a nutshell, aseptic packing is first after sterilization, the aseptic packaging is the packaging sterilization or packaging not only sterilization after first. Beverage machinery packaging's main advantage is in guarantee aseptic conditions can maximally keep the original nutrients in food and flavor, reduce the loss, aseptic packaging can easily instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization method is used to sterilize food before packaging, and other packaging method is rather difficult; Aseptic packaging of the packaging cost is lower, with the increase of production, allocation in each product equipment investment will be further reduced; Storage transportation is convenient, beautiful, vulnerable to businesses and consumers welcome. A complete sterile packaging production line including material ( Food) Sterilization system, aseptic packaging machine, packing materials and packing materials supply and sterilization system, automatic cleaning system, equipment sterilization system, aseptic environment system and automatic control system, etc. ; Material sterilization so far mainly adopts thermal sterilization, according to the viscosity, and thermal properties of the material and the scale of production can be respectively using plate, pipe, Coil or column tube) , scraper or hybrid heat exchanger, in order to further reduce the heating and cooling time of material, the factory development and production of the steam injection, steam hybrid, hybrid hot water direct heating mode, the recent development and production of the ohm law heater; Packaging material or packaging container sterilization mainly adopt chemical sterilization, but after sterilization to thoroughly clean and dry, the chemical residues reduced to a minimum; Aseptic packaging systems mostly adopt the superheated steam or dry air sterilization, sterilization drug is also available. Aseptic packaging technology was born in the late 40 s from 60 s due to the rapid development of packaging plastic for aseptic packaging development provides the broad development of heaven and earth, by the 90 s, a total of more than 30 foreign companies producing all kinds of aseptic packaging equipment, sterilization and many production systems, packaging materials, components supporting manufacturers, domestic development and production of sterile packaging equipment sterilization system, packaging materials and related units are also gradually increase.
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