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Personalization in the early introduction of beverage industry could open the new situation

by:Xinmao     2021-03-15
Summer drinks market competition into white-hot state, how to improve their fight a & other; Money & throughout; Way for many companies consider transformation rectification. Whether from food packaging design, food nutrition and on the marketing concept, companies spend all thoughts, fruits and vegetables, carbonate, dairy beverage production line in our country in the process of gradually perfect, ha ha opened a preliminary exploration to high-end custom. Recently, wahaha successor kelly launched a customized product fruit and vegetable juice called kellyOne caused quite a stir in the industry. Not only because of price of 300 / ml 48 yuan for another who, but because from the bottle to the fruit completely private custom first in the industry. Kelly hope kellyOne series to the 2020 revenue will have billions of yuan, ideal is good, in front of the challenge is difficult. In many companies to high-end market is underwhelming, wahaha can earn a place through private ordering? Challenge: only with personality can be sold for high prices? 30 multivariate bottle of nongfu spring high-end water, 19. 9 yuan a bottle of unified bakyjib na dew, 10 yuan a bottle of Coca Cola drink juice and unified micro moments. 。 。 。 。 This year, the domestic market has been thering is no lack of high-end product, the next voss abroad such as high-end water will enter the domestic market. But they are not just high-end, from packaging to raw material scarcity to brand culture needs when & other; High-end & throughout; The word to get consumer recognition. Let's look at kellyOne of outer packing. From actually is aimed for the young, with black two color color, looks very stylish. But the high-end drinks the biggest characteristic is to make you want to go to the bottle to buy it, from this point, the packaging of this product seems a bit sorry his 48 yuan pricing. Look at kellyOne composition of fruit juice. This kind of fruit juice provides two kinds of customization options. Have prepared the first is a good six series, a total of 30 out of fruit and vegetable juice. Use the name is very tide, a large amount of network language. The second option is in the middle of the 80 kinds of fruits and vegetables to choose 3 - Five, can adjust the composition of the each type of fruit and vegetables, their names so as to realize the true sense of customization. No matter what kind of is when customers order for production. And other fruit and vegetable juice, cold pressed kellyOne sterilization by HPP high static pressure sterilization technology, shelf life is only seven days. Cold pressed vegetable and fruit juice is a healthy drink more fire, tastes really unlike traditional juice, with the scent of fresh fruits and vegetables, also contains pulp, can chew to the fresh fruits and vegetables. But most cold pressed juice on market prices in 20 yuan, wahaha although offers 80 kinds of raw materials, but they are all common fruits and vegetables on the market. Product comes out, so there are many consumers said the price will be more willing to to buy raw material machine with virgin pulp juice, after all imports of virgin pulp machine has more than 2000 yuan a. So, this kind of high-end fruit and vegetable juice all selling point on the personalized, as for the young consumers willing to pay so expensive prices to reflect individual character, only to the market to prove. Opportunity: customization requirements - particular occasion Beverage machinery mentioned high-end customized for the food industry, have to mention liquor. Many wine companies offer from packaging, bottle, private custom formula, scent, comprehensive service. Liquor is not FMCG, year long value is higher and higher, the high-end gift value significance to natural for liquor custom provide a hotbed. At present there are limited edition commemorative wine, liquor custom main banquet custom, customized, celebrity customization, etc. Although the fruit and vegetable juice is a kind of FMCG, does not have protection function, but fully customized memorable and liquor is also have in common. For example small dinner and party custom. Imagine, in a small party will be printed with the guests name, containing the guests favorite personalized taste of fruit and vegetable products as drinks, high-end water pricing is more expensive than more meaningful? Only with ordinary consumers & other; Throughout early adopters &; Buy, clearly the market demand is extremely limited, open channel with customized service may be the key to the development of this product to be able to survive.
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