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Part of the soda production line

by:Xinmao     2021-04-12
Soda production line host part of the soda production line is mainly composed of bottom frame, glass frame, bottle washing machine, filling machine, screw cap machine, main motor drive, the star wheel drive, GaiQi star wheel plate, and cover trough, points GaiQi, electrical control system components, etc. The bottom frame composed of rectangular pipe and steel compound, near the surface and cover on the stainless steel panel, high strength, good rigidity, light weight, is the foundation of the whole sets of soda production line, the bottom is equipped with anchor bolt, level and adjustable; Around the glass box around the host enclosed, upper with transparent glass door to monitor soda production line, glass door is equipped with protection devices, open it will automatically stop when the machine is running, the appearance is beautiful and easy, safe and reliable use. Auxiliary soda production line mainly include reflux tank, into the duct and the chain, but also can be configured according to customer's request on artificial bottle platform ( Or unscramble bottle machine) , manual, automatic bottle chain cover machine, lamp JianXiang, spurt the code machine, marking machine, etc.
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