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Part of the cans of soda production line

by:Xinmao     2021-02-13
Cans of soda production line is in absorbing advanced technology both at home and abroad on the basis of the research and design, and is a advanced level filling capping equipment. It is mainly used for gas beverage such as carbonated drinks, cola, sparkling wine filling block. Its advanced structure, smooth working, reliable, safe operation, convenient maintenance, adopts frequency control of motor speed, high production efficiency, is an ideal filling capping equipment to small and medium-sized beverage factory. Cans of soda production line structure 1) Can washing machine: it is mainly used for the three cans, cans for continuous cleaning, can also be applied to similar shape to the size of the other models of tinplate cans, has good cleaning effect, reasonable structure, balanced work, high production efficiency, etc, is an ideal product for canned food and beverage production line. 2) Isobaric filling machine: 1, on the principle of balanced pressure. 2, filling valve adopts high precision mechanical valve, filling speed, high precision level. 3, with complete CIP cleaning function. 4, mouth filling valve guide device and TuoPing bottom combined lifting device, guarantee the accuracy of the bottle and filling valve sealing, reduce the material from the jar leakage phenomenon. 5, accurately, sparkling wine, sparkling beverage filling beer, with no broken bottle, no drip, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. 3) Cans sealing machine: 1, the sealing part will seal the lid to the pot had been filling products, and the conveying chain to process after the. 2, can sealing roller adopts high hardness alloy steel quenching, closing curve by optical curve grinding precision machining, to ensure the sealing quality, ensure the machine run properly. 3, the machine have tank under cover, without control system can not cover, ensure the normal working of the machine, reduce the loss rate. 4, artificial aluminum cover is placed within the chute by gravity and thruster under cover, the chute is equipped with detection can stop when the switch is used to guarantee the lack of cover. 5, according to the different height of tank type, capping machine can be manual lifting to meet the requirements.
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