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Part of carbonated beverage production line

by:Xinmao     2021-01-15
Carbonated drinks can be said to be very common in our daily life, but for part of the carbonated beverage production line know very little. About three parts of carbonated beverage production line are as follows: part a and bottle carbonated beverage production line for rotary bottle machine, mainly used for beverage new bottle washing, water and other products. Then send a bottle to the filling machine for filling of the product. PET bottle by dividing the star wheel turn into the equipment by the clamp and institutions clamp bottle to bottle down, sterile water rinse and drain, flip to bottle up automatically. The bottle out of the star wheel conveying to the filling machine. The main equipment structure and flushing medium contact part and external shield are of high quality stainless steel material. New stainless steel clamp, simple structure, convenient adjustment, and the bottle less contact area, effectively avoid the secondary pollution of bottle bottle machine feed line equipped with pressure gauge impact and bottle machine is equipped with water pans to recycled flush water bottles. Part two, filling carbonated beverage production line by using the principle of the constant pressure filling design manufacture, achieve to send liquid filling to rush by bottle machine washed in the bottle. Filling valve use pressure type, such as mechanical valve, filling a sensitive, quick filling liquid surface precision is high. To guide the guide bar type is adopted to, adopt unique card bottle technology, guarantee the accuracy of the bottle and filling valve sealing, reduce the material from the bottle leakage phenomenon. Main drive adopts gear drive is open type composite transmission, its high efficiency, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance, lubrication, fully use frequency converter to control the machine's main motor speed, the machine adopts stepless frequency control of motor speed. Bottle guide system, simple structure, can be quickly and easily change according to the bottle type, the whole machine adopts card bottleneck structure. In part three, screw-top carbonated beverage production line screw-top part by Richard GaiQi cleared up the lid to bottle filling has good product, and the conveying chain to process after the. Screw machine through the wheel rotational speed reducer drive back. Make the cover under the action of centrifugal force from leaving the hopper. Separation plant cover, positive and negative at the exit when the cover after cover automatically fell into the return piping, automatically by the wind blow the cover into the hopper. Only is cover can smoothly into the chute, hopper in the amount of cover by photoelectric switch automatic detection to control the transmission machine, to ensure the best results. That is about three major component of carbonated beverage production line, understand the concerned knowledge of this respect, for the staff can effectively improve the work efficiency, for our this laymen can also improve understanding of carbonated beverage production process, the more rest assured to buy the product.
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