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Palletizing robot and bottle type bottle washing machine

by:Xinmao     2021-01-18
Xinmao machinery to provide you with beverage production line, the following is about introduction palletizing robot palletizing robot and clip machine robot stacker crane is a kind of specialization, integration and intelligent industrial equipment. Robots will bags or boxes according to predetermined marshalling mode, one by one step by step a packed in the tray or the casing. Is often a follow-up for packaging line equipment, improve the production capacity and transport capacity, saving labor costs. The machine has been widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, automobile, chemical industry, logistics, electrical appliances, plastic and other industries. Free to configurations of all shapes and sizes stowage, through a wide variety of gripper ( The choose and buy) Flexible processing, can small to large workpiece handling operations. Not only large scope of work, but also by suppressing interference quantity to save space, achieve compact design, flexible equipment. Bottle type bottle washing machine clip bottle type high pressure bottle washing machine is mainly used for washing all kinds of glass bottles, cans, automatic temperature control; This machine adopts the circulating hot water to rinse, warm water preheating, wash water purification processing, has the advantages of water, heat energy; Using imported high temperature resistant silicone, 304 stainless steel chain, with smooth surface, ground resistance loss, and prevent the abrasion of packaging container, accord with food hygiene requirements; Tubular spray, simple structure, convenient installation, easy to clean; The machine automatic clamp bottle into the bottle and bottle out of the bottle, to fully automated production line, the fuselage overall use SUS304 stainless steel body, beautiful health, with visual machine cover, fine workmanship, stable running, easy to use.
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