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Packaging machinery to become 'the new food safety guarantee'

by:Xinmao     2021-02-27
“ Yen & throughout; Impetus to the development of a number of industry, food industry, packaging industry benefit a lot. From packaging design to the packaging material and beverage packaging machinery has played a very important role, and in the protection of food safety in food packaging machinery is also increasingly very valuable. In 2015, China's packaging production of special equipment, it reflects the whole packaging equipment in the changing market demand. In such a big background, the food and beverage packaging machinery industry market is showing a good development momentum. From the following several sets of data, we can see a thing or two. 1-2015 In December, from the perspective of the main products of the production of statistics, the cumulative production of special equipment for packaging in our country as the 100507, the cumulative year-on-year decline in 2. 01%. In December 2015, food packaging machinery industry to achieve export value of 7. 7. 7 billion yuan, 13 year-on-year growth. 27 51%, year-on-year growth. 94%. 1-2015 In December, food packaging machinery industry realized total export value of 71. 3. 1 billion yuan, the cumulative increased 1. 2%. “ Yen & throughout; , the food industry is a cornucopia, lead to the development of a number of industries, including packaging industry benefit a lot. From packaging design to packaging material, packaging machinery has played a very important role, and in the protection of food safety in food packaging machinery is also increasingly very valuable. At present, the domestic drinking water, carbonated drinks and tea drinks before processing equipment can meet the basic needs, in the bottle and packing equipment of low speed also have matching products to choose from, in terms of hot filling machine, hot filling is still the main production and tea and fruit juice beverage filling process. Domestic dairy companies in the former treatment basically is to choose cheap domestic equipment, and in the packaging materials, filling, printing and other key process mostly USES the import equipment. Now, carton packaging industry has been from the beginning level to advanced level of development, and development momentum quickly. Liquid food packaging machinery is mainly used in beverage, liquor, edible oil and seasoning and so on liquid food packaging production, usually characterized by a whole production line, by the former treatment, water treatment, bottle, filling and conveying, secondary packaging machinery and equipment. Now filling machinery, especially in soft drinks, beer filling machinery and food packaging machinery, with a high speed, complete, high degree of automation and reliability is good wait for a characteristic, is the current development trend towards filling machinery industry. Muti_function the same device, tea drinks, coffee drinks, soymilk can be drinks and fruit drinks and other beverages hot filling, are for glass bottle and pet bottle filling. Among various kinds of packaging, vacuum packaging is now widespread in the food industry, also is a kind of packaging, safe with the compressive, shatterproof, choke, preservation, keep food drying, etc. Food vacuum machine is a complete vacuum packaging machinery and equipment, has convenient for food vacuum packaging, can greatly extend the shelf life of food, and for food to be able to better circulation in the market has played a great role in promoting and promoting role. The emergence of food vacuum machine, to solve the problem of a lot of the food industry. For food vacuum machine, the vacuum packaging has a significant advantage, it makes the product and the outside world with a security layer of the diaphragm, between the oxidation of a wide range of gas for the product to the outside world would have played a very good isolation effect. Liquid food packaging machinery, vacuum machine, in the field of food packaging market is quite & other; Go & throughout; . And indispensable and rapid development of food industry, also let people see the food packaging machinery industry wide development prospects. The road ahead is, the road twists and turns, at present, the development of the domestic food packaging machinery, there are three major problems need to solve: product quality problems, the scientific research innovation ability insufficiency, the automatic degree is not high. The quality? Innovation? Or automatic? In the final analysis, is inseparable from the technology and talent. “ Science and technology is the first productive force & throughout; This sentence never goes out of fashion, science and technology in today's information age to shine more than ever. Have their own technology, have the key to the open up new markets. The current industrial production more and more mechanized, and intelligence is a big trend in the development of mechanical, so intelligent packaging machinery is also the trend of The Times, this is, of course, inseparable from the new technology. At the same time, with the new technology, research and development of new products is also becomes possible. If, of course, companies achieve these goals, we need to set up their own technology research and development team. Is the independent research and development? Or the introduction of foreign aid? How much money in budget? How big size? Research and development direction is what? To implement, these are the issues to consider, in addition, the formation of text project scheme is particularly important.
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