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Packaging machinery of liquid filling machinery and equipment is introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-02-27
Liquid filling machine introduction: liquid filling machinery are all used in the full name of liquid filling machinery. Liquid filling machine according to the different classification can be divided into different liquid filling machinery, such as cooking oil filling machine, beverage filling machine, liquid filling machine, washing liquid filling machine, perfume filling machine, water filling machine, filling machine, filling machine equipment such as pesticides. All filling machinery and equipment in the design, fully consider the characteristics of the filling product, the parts contacted with material using 316 l stainless steel materials. To meet the demand of filling machinery for various industries. Full automatic filling machine, automatic production line for barrel is pure water or mineral water factory specially 3 gallons, 5 gallons buckets full automatic filling equipment, the equipment is simple to operate, only 1 - Two workers to operate, is a set of disinfection, washing, casing, gland and send one, three-phase ac 380 v power supply, fully applicable to the urban, industrial and mining enterprises and individual units to use. Filling machinery and equipment is reliable in performance, easy operation, simple maintenance of the microcomputer control system and pneumatic control system, etc. , is the whole process of washing bottle, filling and capping in closed state to effectively prevent the pure water or mineral water in the possibility of secondary pollution in the process of filling machine, do real aseptic filling, the current domestic ideal of pure, mineral water filling equipment. Liquid filling machinery sets blunt bottle, filling and sealing of fully automatic multi-function joint unit, it is suitable for all kinds of gas free drinks, fruit juice, fruit wine, mineral water, pure water, production of tea beverages automatic bottle, filling and sealing. Unique design, beautiful shape, the function is all ready, strong adaptability, easy operation, high automatic degree, is the current domestic advanced beverage filling machinery. Xinmao absorbs the advanced technology of Germany and Japan, for many years the production of high quality of small and medium-sized beverage production line and beverage machinery complete sets of equipment.
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