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Packaging industry in our country is now 'flowers'

by:Xinmao     2021-02-20
As the technology progress and market development, mechanical packaging industry in our country industry technology is more and more skilled, technical strength is more and more strong, gradually establish industry specification, the packaging market has begun to mature, many devices, including packaging machinery, have real flowers blooming season. Nowadays, beverage packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industry machinery industry in China, the expansion in the packaging machinery and equipment, and is accelerating to push opto-mechatronics integration and automation. In filling equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials production equipment has made great progress. Gradually mature of the development of the technology to promote the development of packaging industry constantly to the market to provide more space. Now, technology and market are maturing, packaging machinery and started to blossom everywhere, especially in metal packaging and liquid packaging, etc. Metal packaging industry rapid development as an important part of the packaging industry of our country, metal packaging because of its good sealing and bright patterns, in food, beverage, cosmetic products and household goods industries has been widely applied, especially in food and beverage has become the biggest market, metal packaging, chemicals, cosmetics and medicine industry becomes the important of metal packaging market. With the improvement of living standards, consumer demand for food and beverage packaging will be rapid growth. Especially the rapidly increasing of functional beverages, canned food, provides more opportunity for metal tins. At present, the world recognized metal packaging container is one of the most safe environmental protection products, the future development potential is tremendous. The metal packaging industry has been formed in China, including seal TuTie, cans, cover, bucket full metal packaging products such as industrial system. In recent years, metal packaging industry into the rapid development of our country. In recent ten years, China's beverage industry annual growth rate has remained at more than 20%, beverage production in China in 2011 to 1. 1. 8 billion tons. Our canned total 9. 72 million tons, sales of 120. 2 billion yuan, this includes the metal packaging, hard and soft packaging and other packaging products. With the improvement of national consumption ability and consumption habits of escalating, the rapid growth of the metal packaging is widely used in high-end drinks products. According to experts predict, metal packaging industry in China in the next three to five years development space is huge, break through the billions of output value is a foregone conclusion. Food and fast-moving consumer goods demand continues to grow, metal packaging machinery equipment, the gradual improvement of the management level and scale of production capacity, have decided the metal packaging industry in our country will go a long way. In addition, our country has become the world's second-largest metal packaging manufacturers, a large number of large metal packaging industry group, the enterprise with the canned food industry cooperation and win-win, benign development pattern is emerging. After decades of development, developed around the canned food and remarkable achievements, key link of metal packaging industry technology innovation in equipment manufacturing, raw material selection, safety control, toxic and harmful substances, heavy metal migration control effectively on test and product shelf life extension gradually show the uniqueness of metal packaging, in ensuring food security is playing a more and more widely. Liquid packaging machinery, broad prospects for statistical data show that liquid food and beverage packaging machinery in our country in recent years, annual sales growth rate more than 20%. Among them, 2011 liquid food production is 250. 9 billion litres, liquid packaging machinery sales of 29 billion yuan. Liquid food packaging machinery industry has become a very important emerging industries in the national economy. In recent years, PET, HDPE plastic bottles have been increasingly applied to the field of liquid food packaging. Plastic bottle has a large capacity, strong, lightweight, easy to carry, can be refrigerated and recycled, expand the scope of its application in the field of liquid food packaging. In beverage industry, for example, according to incomplete statistics, the current global plastic containers for beverage bottle consumption each year for more than 1000 ten thousand tons, and its volume is growing at an annual rate of 10% to 19%. Filling machine as an important packaging of liquid food packaging machinery and equipment, with the application of plastic bottles more wide spread to the food industry. In the dairy industry, acid milk beverage in the Chinese dairy market maintained a more than 30% of high-speed growth for three consecutive years, become the largest category in development potential in the dairy industry. Plastic packaging is used in the acid milk beverage container packing type, growing extremely fast in its development speed even more than the growth rate of the product. Tea drink, fruit juice and functional drinks after years of painstaking efforts, has become a stable and mature products, drinks on the market now & other; Warm in the high speed filling & throughout; Techniques for numerous beverage enterprise provides the high quality solutions to satisfy the growth rate of the product and security, and reduces the beverage packaging material cost and operation cost of the enterprise. As warm in the high speed filling machine technology mature gradually, will provide more domestic large and medium-sized beverage enterprises advanced, stable and reliable beverage filling machine equipment. To sum up, the rapid development of downstream industries and the pursuit of quality of life, the corresponding packaging equipment enterprise investment required to meet production needs, will also be on the packaging machinery of high precision, intelligence, high level put forward higher requirements, the liquid food packaging machinery in our country and therefore present a more broad market prospect.
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