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Our country fruit and vegetable juice processing industry and beverage machinery development are inseparable

by:Xinmao     2021-02-19
In recent years, found that more food industry on the menu with options for fresh fruit and vegetable juice, and favored by consumers. This phenomenon also confirmed the fruit and vegetable juice beverage market has quietly pulled open prelusive, along with people to people life quality requirement for health promotion, fruit and vegetable juice beverages processing industry is in a good trend. Our country fruit and vegetable juice processing industry and beverage machinery development is inseparable from the flash technology for fruit juice processing and energy conservation and emissions reduction concentrated apple juice processing industry is our country fruit juice processing in the field of processing with the largest scale and highest technical maturity of a niche business, not only at home, in the world have a lead. As the industry competition intensifying, all aspects of cost control become enterprise common and concern for a long time, also become the industry a new point of competition. Currently, concentrated apple juice factory mainly by high temperature evaporation juice processing to realize the enrichment process, make the heat energy consumption is huge, if we can from this part put forward the goal of cost control, to achieve a considerable economic value. Based on this, juice processing and leading in our country, the food of shaanxi normal university college of agronomy professor after almost a year investigation, put forward using flash technology implementation of energy-saving targets in fruit and vegetable juice processing technology. According to the enemy, agronomy professor flash technology application in modern industry is very broad, such as desalination, food and drug processing, dry processing, and other fields. Fruit and vegetable processing in our country must say goodbye to the low price advantage of fruit and vegetable processing in our country enterprise development and innovation ability is weak, the core competitiveness of essence is just the so-called low price advantage. Abroad, the vast majority of enterprises have the r&d department or r&d center of the enterprise, with the development of new products, the general enterprise's r&d sales revenue accounted for 2% More than 3%. But, most of domestic processing enterprises do not take the product research and development, science and technology input, don't pay attention to enterprise talent training and introduction, enterprise research and development personnel and the lack of research and development facilities, leading to enterprise development and innovation ability, backward technology, poor product is difficult to meet the market demand. Along with the rising demand for fruit and vegetable juice drinks at home and abroad, brought a rare opportunity to fruit and vegetable juice production, grasp the opportunity, in-depth study of fruit and vegetable processing key technology and equipment, its application prospect is very broad, and the development space is enormous. Fruit juice industry and beverage machinery development is inseparable from the development of China's beverage industry has been a mature industry, new hot spots and growth, growing faster emerging drinks, liquid filling machine market has great development potential. At the same time, the rapid development of the domestic liquid filling machine industry to, you need to actively participate in international competition, it must break & other; Small and scattered throughout the &; Industry posture, in & other; Advanced & throughout; The forward direction. Future, liquid filling machine has five major development direction, respectively toward the mechanical function in the development of the technology diversity, structure design of standardization, modularization, intelligent control, high precision structure development. Fruit juice beverage production line industry while the total number of workers and enterprises, scientific research strength is weak, but industry industry the corresponding professional research institutes, colleges and universities is more less. Some frontier technologies such as cryogenic industry, the ultrahigh pressure, membrane separation, supercritical fluid extraction, radiation, vacuum, etc. Only by a court is unable to complete, be badly in need of enterprise investment. Beverage machinery market in the future will be to the high-end market transition, in order to be in the international competition, the need to improve the product quality standard, take the market as the guidance, strengthen the adjustment of product structure, innovation of science and technology, new materials, new technology research and development, build a powerful brand market beverage machinery characteristics. Beverage machinery with constant development of the future market potential.
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