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Osmosis device in the basic theory of reverse osmosis membrane separation technology

by:Xinmao     2021-02-02
1, the basic theory of reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, the basic characteristics of reverse osmosis membrane separation is the driving force for the pressure difference ( 1-10MPa) , the spread of the mass transfer mechanism is thought to be solvent, through the membrane material is water solvent, intercept to solute, salt ( Suspended solids, large molecules, ions) , the types of membrane for asymmetric membrane or composite membrane. Choose permeability and composition of the reverse osmosis membrane dissolved, adsorption and diffusion, so in addition to the associated with the membrane pore size structure, also have close relationship with the chemical and physical properties of membrane, which is closely related to the interaction between composition and membrane. 2, the principle of reverse osmosis osmosis phenomenon as early as 1748 by Abbe Nollet proved for the first time, until the 1950 s, scientists began to use reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration as solute and solvent in the solution of effective separation methods, and make it become a kind of laboratory techniques. Permeability is a solvent ( The water) Through a semipermeable membrane into a solution or from a dilute solution to a more concentrated solution of natural penetration. But in concentrated solution with appropriate pressure, can make the infiltration stops, the pressure is called the osmotic pressure of the solution. If the concentrated solution side with higher pressure than natural osmotic pressure, torsion natural seepage direction, the concentrated solution of solvent ( Water) Pressure to the other side of the membrane in the dilute solution, this is contrary to nature normal penetration process, this is called reverse osmosis. This means that, when the brine side pressure exceeds the osmotic pressure of the water, can use a semipermeable membrane devices get fresh water from salt water. As a result, the reverse osmosis process must have two conditions: one is the must have a high selectivity and high permeability ( Generally refers to water permeability) Selective semi-permeable membrane, 2 it is to operate the osmotic pressure of the pressure must be higher than the solution. Xinmao enterprise main products have a beverage machinery and equipment, the salt bottle, filling and capping triad all-in-one, gas and production line, not containing gas liquid such as fruit juice drinks, tea drinks and alcohol bottles, buckets, cans, cups and various types of production lines and so on!
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