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Normal pressure filling machine and what is the difference between negative pressure filling machine?

by:Xinmao     2021-02-22
A, negative pressure filling machine, it is often called vacuum filling machine. This method of filling is the storage compartments in the atmospheric pressure, filled in, only to the extraction of vacuum bottle, to a certain degree of vacuum, the liquid by pressure difference between the liquid tank and container injection effect into the bottle, complete filling. It is mainly used for liquid filling gas free, such as fruit juice. Due to the filling in the vacuum, so when the container is broken, stop filling, can reduce the loss. But under vacuum, to some with aromatic liquid, lose a few fragrance negative pressure filling method for bottle specification is strictly, because of its quantitative are determined in the depth of the filling into the bottle mouth, bottle directly influences the volume of the quantitative accuracy. But due to the adjustment easily, is still widely used. Second, normal pressure filling machine, many kinds of drinks, such as fruit juice, milk, beverage, and soda in filling syrup, they do not contain carbon dioxide, generally USES the normal pressure filling machine. Normal pressure filler is mainly composed of filling system, in and out of the bottle body, lift container agency, workbench, transmission system, etc, used for filling of not containing gas liquid, this kind of filling machine for rotary commonly. Under the effect of the transmission system, the rotary shaft drive turntable and quantitative cup, liquid from the storage barrel through pipe by gravity flow into the quantitative cup. Under the effect of CAM bottle drive the bottle up. When the bottle against the gland in the spring compression, the valve is in the activities of measuring cup inner hole sliding upwards. As the axis of rotation, has set a good measuring cup has from the feed pipe below, enter the filling position. When the slide valve rising into the hole on liquid into the bottle, bottle of gas from the gland plate under four small groove on the surface of the discharge, a bottle filling task. As the wheel rotation, quantitative cup successive enter below to complete work, when from the quantitative location, filling into position and began to bottling, so repeated work continuously. Fully automatic big barrel of water filling machine
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