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Mineral water production line

by:Xinmao     2021-01-20
Mineral water bottling production line is characterized by high productivity, high efficiency, various types of container handling: from a single weight namesake fizzy ( 200 ml) 18 - for water dispenser 20 liters of large-sized bottled water. Under the fierce market competition, the mineral water bottles must be attractive, novel and has strong features, in an increasingly competitive market with good visibility. In addition to beautiful, functional and ergonomics also play an important role. Xinmao machinery can provide make you satisfied in the process of packaging development consulting services, these services also need to bottle preform and container design and manufacturing of the experience accumulated for a long time, especially to the research and development, the continued commitment of high performance and innovative packaging solutions. Water is a kind of delicate products, is sensitive to the change of taste and smell. Xinmao's full automatic production line, therefore, to ensure high standards of cleanliness and hygiene conditions. Filling in addition, considering the total cost of the product, we will have a special bottle preform design or optimize the production process, and will consider how to reduce the management cost of this kind of production line and container ( Light bottleneck and bottle) The cost of. We yu Chen machinery will provide the production high quality bottled water and will use a small impact on the environment and the low cost solution. Xinmao is Calvin in hefei light industry machinery co. , LTD and zhangjiagang city daewoo machinery co. , LTD. , a joint venture enterprise, is the production of small and medium-sized beverage production line, beverage filling equipment, juice filling production line, tea beverage filling production line, the pure water production line, bottled water filling production line, the pot of water production line, non-gas beverage production line, beverage packaging machinery professional company. Sustainable bottled mineral water production need to be very stringent requirements to keep production and so on health condition and product quality, and optimizing the cost of production in small big profits is a hallmark of our loud and clear.
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