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Mineral water production line of the production process and application scope

by:Xinmao     2021-05-24
Mineral water production line is a kind of screen is divided into separation principle and pressure as the driving force for membrane separation process and filtration precision in 0. 005 - 0. 01 um range, can be useful to remove particles in water, colloid, bacteria and macromolecule organic matter, etc, the mineral water production line in the production process and application scope of what? Mineral water production line is on both sides of the membrane pressure difference, based on the theory of mechanical sieving toes in the separation of a solution, using pressure usually is 0. 2MPa- - 0. 6 mpa, aperture 1 nm - separation - 0. 1μ M, can be widely applied in the separation, enrichment and purification of matter. Ultrafiltration process without phase transformation, normal temperature operation, is particularly suitable for separation of heat sensitive material, and has excellent heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance function, can under 60 ℃, PH of 2 - 11 for a long time under the conditions of use. Mineral water production line production technology process: the original water tank & rarr; Backwashing pump & rarr; Mechanical filter & rarr; Activated carbon filter & rarr; 1μ M fine filtration & rarr; Ultrafiltration & rarr; Ozone & rarr; Net water mineral water production line use range: 1. The preposition used in RO system: to be able to source the turbidity in the water to below 1 ntu, thoroughly remove the suspended solids in the water, colloid, bacteria, and organic materials to ensure safe water rate and desalting rate of RO membrane. 2. As some mineral water, mountain spring host: can filter the useful mineral water equipment of suspended solids, organic matter, bacteria and harmful material such as e. coli, make mineral water bright degree increased significantly, and retains the mineral water of various minerals beneficial to human body health. 3. Family day, unit and village group: drinking water purification for tap water for secondary processing, not only to remove large amounts of suspended solids, colloid particles and the water, make water, etc.
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