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Mineral water production line equipment is introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-05-24

natural drinking mineral water production line equipment mainly introduce 1: all active bottle blowing machine machine use touch screen operation, end the man-machine dialogue. Special planning of the secondary air system, to ensure the quality of the bottle shape. Heater choose four-paragraph infrared temperature control, digital active voltage stabilizing thermal control system, can according to customer's different bottle preform set corresponding heating temperature. With reasonable structure, cover an area of an area small, low gas consumption, power consumption characteristics of safe sex. 2: all active unscramble bottle machine PLC control combined with frequency control of motor speed to ensure the whole production line synchronous operation. Choose three times put bottles of institutions, improve the power out of the bottle. Characteristics of the planning bottle bottle components used to different length. Out of the bottle drawing wheel is equipped with card bottle detector. Umbrella tower with a detector, through the start-stop elevator to store the bottle of the manipulation of the host hold. The bottle in the bottle round pull output linking to the wind to send way hang bottle, bottle prevent turning over to the card. Out of the bottle by synchronous belt and wheel manipulation, the bottle to ensure a safe, without the phenomenon of the bottle, squeeze bottle. All pause in centralized lubrication system, punctual and fixed quantity of lubrication.
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