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Mineral water production line equipment is introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-05-24

1, lamp JianXiang JianXiang lamp is mainly used for transparent bottled liquid filling after the quality inspection before packing. 2, real bottle pressure delivery system, transport system based on speed signal collection and real-time feedback and active differential control system, and can send the bottle in the movement condition of the belt is smooth by multiple columns changes for single row, without kneading phenomenon to each other. Electrical control system use PLC controls the whole real bottle transport buffer system operation, take the initiative to end speed deceleration, active buffer function. 3, the bottle blowing machine and high pressure fan air supply, make the high-speed flow of air blowing off the bottle from slit of residual water. Slit tilt to decorate, next to the bottle full surface can be blown to at a high speed.
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