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Membrane charter flights using range and structure

by:Xinmao     2021-01-09
Suzhou xinmao beverage packaging machinery co. , LTD. , is Chen in hefei light industry machinery co. , LTD and zhangjiagang city daewoo machinery co. , LTD. Is a joint venture enterprise, is the production of small and medium-sized beverage production line, beverage filling equipment, juice filling production line, tea beverage filling production line, the pure water production line, bottled water filling production line, the pot of water production line, non-gas beverage production line, beverage packaging machinery professional company. Xinmao drink machinery adhere to market-oriented, science and technology as pioneer, quality as the main line, service as guarantee, the establishment of a sound quality assurance system, and through ISO9001 - 2000 international quality system certification, with perfect testing and inspection facilities. Xinmao drink machinery with high quality technical development team and rich experience in filling machinery manufacturing. RCG series of hot filling machinery, CGF series of pure water filling machinery, DGG series non-gas beverage filling machinery and QGF series bottled beverage production line, QHS beverage mixer series, glass bottle washing filling equipment, mineral water production equipment are the digestion and absorption of Germany, Italy, Japan advanced technology manufacturing and become, to achieve synchronization with the international advanced filling equipment manufacturing level. At the same time, xinmao drink machinery can provide technology consulting for clients, the workshop plane design, installation and debugging, technical training and other supporting services. At present, the company products are sold well all over the country 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to southeast Asia, Russia, cis, west Asia, South Africa and so on more than 10 countries and regions. Membrane charter scope of application: designed for drinks ( Pure water, beverage, fruit juice, dairy products) Design and manufacture of high-speed packaging requirements. In the process of product forward delivery, can be combined into automatic, save time, improve the efficiency of packaging. High-end machine adopts touch screen operation panel and the friendly interface, parameter setting fast, easy man-machine communication and control. This equipment is a high quality in the field of domestic medium heat shrinkable film machine. Automatic straight-line film machine for packaging of beer, beverage, pure water, fruit juice, dairy products, etc. And to realize the automatic bottle transfer alignment, film packaging, sealing and cutting, shrinkage, cooling and shaping, etc. Using advanced thermostatic hot membrane binding technology. The quick seal cooling guarantee seal strength higher. PLC program loop automatic control with stable and reliable performance. Induction switch control membrane transport systems reliably and control membrane transport length to reduce losses. All of the transmission system
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