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Meet the needs of the development of beverage industry, but also what requirement to need?

by:Xinmao     2021-02-02
Beverage processing machinery in China can meet the general requirements of beverage production enterprise, but is far from being fully meet the needs of the development of beverage industry, mainly is the product size is not complete, complete sets of sex difference, especially large complete sets of equipment, less product automation level is not high, the low level of control, advanced technology, is still great gap with foreign advanced level. Especially in fruit and vegetable drinks before processing equipment manufacturing level is not high. With foreign gap is the main reason, it is the industry foundation is bad, the enterprise independent development ability is not high, & quot; Purpose & quot; To & quot; The ninth & quot; Very few national investment, enterprise to survive can only short, flat, fast product development, caused the low level product vicious competition; The second is due to a serious shortage of funds, high technology content of products, enterprises are unable to put money into development; 3 it is part of the enterprise does not pay attention to product quality, less technical input, processing equipment stale, combined with the basic parts, fittings quality closes nevertheless, thus affecting the reliability of the whole machine. ” 15 & quot; Three years after the development of the analysis of beverage production in China will remain around 14% annual growth rate levels, beverage production by 2005 will reach 27 million tons, predicted in 2015 will reach 58 million tons. According to the needs of the development of beverage industry, especially for agricultural products deep processing of fruit and vegetable drinks, milk drinks, plant protein drinks, such as the requirement of fast development, the bottled drink production line will give priority to with medium line, calculated at 18000 bottles/hour medium-sized complete sets of equipment, production lines each year about 120 ~ 150. Other forms will be to develop in the direction of diversification, beverage packaging such as plastic bottles, buckets, bags, aseptic packaging, etc. , various forms, various forms of filling equipment annual demand growth should be around 20%, increase more complete sets of equipment. 2005 years later, the demand for beverage packaging machinery should be given priority to with complete sets of equipment, expected to be bottled equipment 200 sets. By 2005, 15% of the leading product technology and quality reach the international advanced level, 60% of the products reached the international level, in the late 90 s. Raise the proportion of independent development of products? By 2005, the proportion of the self-developed has reached more than 50%. Focus on beverage machinery products; Diversification of production of finished product packaging labeling machine ( Set of marking machine) , filling machine; Production of sterile bottled drinks ( Glass bottles, PET bottles) Filling production line; 80000 bottles/bottle filling line; Production of multifunctional test bottle machine. Alcohol machinery products: development of new type vacuum gasbag press; Development and production of bottle filling, filling, a plug, screw cap for the integration of separate oxygen filling machine; Development and production of continuity tartar stabilization system device. Key technologies: compared with the foreign wine beverage machinery manufacturing enterprises in China, its manufacturing technology, especially computer technology is widely used. Technology means also appears more and more to keep up with the contemporary machinery manufacturing requirements of precision and speed, therefore, the application of the following technology is more important. Such as CAD ( Computer aided design) 凸轮( Computer make) , the application of CAPP, FMS flexible manufacturing system, computer MIS system under the management of warehouse and logistics system, based on the information integration of marketing service system, on the premise of energy saving and environmental protection research and development of new packaging materials, automatic production line monitoring, management and fault diagnosis system, etc. Key: the development series beer beverage filling equipment, focus on developing below 50000 tons/year of small and medium-sized beer, beverage filling equipment, to apply & quot; 15 & quot; After three years to speed up the development of fruit and vegetable drinks. At the same time, on the technology upgrading, development of secondary vacuum filling machine; Development of high speed labeling machine, fill the domestic blank; The research and development of all kinds of on-line detection device and high-speed transmission technologies. Development that applies to more than 100000 tons/year production capacity of the packaging production line of the enterprise, to adapt to the beverage industry & quot; Centralized production, the dispersed filling & quot; The development direction of on-site mixing technology and equipment, development, development with high speed, low consumption, the advantages of precision in measurement, automatic detection of multifunctional, automatic large-scale equipment, make the filling, capping and labeling of production efficiency, improve the technical level of beer and beverage filling. Especially adapted to the demands of the development of our country milk beverages, fruit and vegetable drinks, aseptic filling equipment should be developed; Strengthen the development and enrichment, sterilization, titian, such as new product development, speed up the application of new technology, improve the automation level of the equipment, or the level of reliability and stability, etc.
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