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Mechanical design level advance filling machine whether to localization

by:Xinmao     2021-02-10
Filling machine product localization in the first place, will have to walk a long distance, is the present status of domestic & other Each copy & throughout; - - Copy each other, in the domestic imitation, also called & other The imitation & throughout; 。 Horizontal line, you have today, tomorrow went to the imitation of others. A filling machine industry is so several mechanical design has its own ability to develop new products. Other manufacturers will follow up. So we find the filling on the Internet chance to see a lot of products, but most of the same. Abroad, by contrast, we survey some filling machinery manufacturers, their products both in appearance and design principle of a larger difference between the two. This is many domestic factories want to innovation efforts to study the cause of the foreign products, the operating method is to attend trade shows abroad, take some equipment pictures or directly purchase a sample, to counterfeit. This is & other; Outside of copy & throughout; , imitation of abroad. Whether it's & other; The imitation & throughout; Or & other; Outside of copy & throughout; Are fake. I wasn't too much innovation and design. Product would have been to follow up, follow others. To beyond and innovation, we must have their own ability of mechanical design, mechanical design and development is the fundamental premise of filling machine can eventually localization. So called for the filler of the domestic manufacturers can focus on the future, filling machine localization road. Jinan quick machinery with domestic filling machinery manufacturer cooperation common development localization, industrialization filling line system. To revitalize national industry to make its own contribution. PS: the company specializing in the production of beverage machinery, beverage equipment.
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