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Maintenance method of beverage filling machine

by:Xinmao     2021-01-11
Good machine is well maintained, that we should be how to maintain the beverage filling machine 1. Fixed the machine parts and adjust size packaging machine size. 2. For the joint lubrication on a regular basis. Importantly, in the changing seasons, companies need to clean the machine again, completely sealed support equipment storage, and the whole machine keep in a dry environment to ensure the safety of the vacuum packaging machine. In the 3 by liquid such as corrosion. Before operating the vacuum packaging machine, please read the instructions carefully, familiar with adjustment and usage, and follow the instructions. 4. According to the vacuum packaging machine of the regular maintenance of the vacuum pump by, come on, Keep the oil level) And to prevent the pump reverse rotation, to prevent the pump failure or reverse running. Don't put oil into the pump in the vacuum system. 5. Check the sealing of the lower hot-press framework paint ( Ptfe) If there is a foreign body, and ensure the smooth and ensure the sealing strength. In order to ensure the safe, please be sure to check the machine grounding is correct. If the vacuum packaging machine appear problem, please turn off the power supply in a timely manner. If necessary, please connect the emergency stop button. Deflated, mention cover shut off the power, check the reason, then eliminate the fault. Company will, as always, adhere to & other; Credit first, service first, quality & throughout; The marketing concept. Constantly, we to each customer, to provide users with technical service and support, and sincerely hereby society becoming our friends from all walks of life to visit negotiate.
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