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Lubricating oil filling machine should use what kind of machine

by:Xinmao     2021-02-06
Lubricating oil filling machine is used in all types of vehicles, mechanical equipment to reduce friction, protection machinery and mechanical parts of liquid or solid lubricant, mainly for lubrication, auxiliary cooling, antirust, clean, sealed and buffer, and so on. Weighing type filling machine is the advantage of the characteristics of electronic scales measuring # # degree is high, the electronic weight signal sensor and the weighing control instrument with cable connection, in the process of measuring pressure signal is continuously transmitted to the control of electronic instrument, stop at reaches preset quantitative weight control instrument control pump, pneumatic valve closed. The weighing, filling machine adopts pipes and tanks connected using the filling pressure type, and own high precision weighing system of equipment for weighing, filling food, medicine, daily chemical class of edible oil, salad oil, butter, cream, paint, lubricating oil, oil, pesticide, liquid fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, salt fertilization, thinner or other materials. Lubricating oil filling machine product characteristics 1, with the function of automatically in addition to the skin, weight automatic detection, automatic filling 2, within the scope of design and arbitrarily set the filling weight. 3, the end of the filling process adopts gear system, automatically slow down while approaching quantitative values, to prevent overflow, # # 4 precision, using drip tight filling nozzle, the drip tray, to prevent material drip 5, with double or three rows of conveyor belt, pusher into barrels, greatly saves floor space
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