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Liquid food filling machine is a market with enormous potential

by:Xinmao     2021-02-03
In recent years, the PET/HDPE plastic bottles are increasingly used in the field of liquid food packaging. Plastic bottle has a large capacity, strong, lightweight, easy to carry, can be refrigerated and recycled, expand the scope of its application in the field of liquid food packaging. In beverage industry, for example, according to incomplete statistics, the current global plastic containers for beverage bottle consumption each year for more than 1000 ten thousand tons, and its volume is growing at an annual rate of 10% ~ 19%. Filling machinery as an important packaging of liquid food packaging machinery and equipment, also with plastic bottles of wider popularity used in food industry. In the dairy industry, acid milk beverage in the Chinese dairy market maintained a more than 30% of high-speed growth for three consecutive years, become the largest category in development potential in the dairy industry. Plastic packaging is used in the acid milk beverage container packing type, growing extremely fast in its development speed even more than the growth rate of the product. Under 220 ml of HDPE plastic bottles of acid milk beverage packaging, its core consumers are children. After more than ten years of development, small packaging HDPE plastic bottle a solid market stability of acid milk beverage, and has been developing rapidly. HDPE plastic bottle has become a children's absolute dominant packaging form of acid milk beverage, the market share as high as 94%. Is greater than 350 ml of acid milk beverage packaging is a new category of nearly two years to appear on the market, its market share increased rapidly, the target customer base for 18 ~ 25 years old of young women. After several years of development, big package of acid milk beverage consumption crowd scope expands unceasingly, and PET plastic bottle has also become the dominant large packing beverage packaging form. Liquid food filling machinery will become a leading packaging equipment. Tea drink, fruit juice and functional drinks after years of painstaking efforts, has become a stable and mature products, drinks on the market now warm filling technology of high speed for many beverage enterprise provides the high quality solutions that satisfy the growth rate of the product and security, and reduces the beverage packaging material cost and operation cost of the enterprise. With the warm in the high speed filling machine technology more mature, it will be more domestic large and medium-sized beverage enterprises to provide advanced, stable and reliable beverage filling machine equipment, more direct cost benefit. Liquid filling machine in the food industry is anticipated.
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