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Liquid filling machinery

by:Xinmao     2021-02-03
Filling machine for food, as one of the filling machine, therefore constantly developing, especially in plastic packaging materials, especially liquid food packaging of and also continuously put forward new requirements. According to relevant personage, the liquid food filler mainly can be divided into paper, plastic, glass and metal four materials. Drinks and other liquid food industry on the current prevalence of the importance of aseptic cold filling production line reached new heights, Coca-Cola, pepsi-cola, master kong, huiyuan, Dali, and many other large type liquid filling beverage production companies are thinking to choose or add aseptic cold filling production line. Beginning to estimate, in 2011 China's market demand for PET bottle aseptic cold filling equipment for 28 sets, with progress of the technical level of the PET bottle aseptic cold filling equipment and fruit drinks company for aseptic cold filling equipment selection rate of progress, estimates to China market demand for nearly 70 sets in 2017. For the early stage of the primary application of carbonated drinks in PET bottled water filling on the yield of beverage now beginning gradually extended to the gas at room temperature filling, tea, juice, sports drinks, super clean hot filling and aseptic filling.
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