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Liquid filling machine use notes and maintenance of common sense

by:Xinmao     2021-02-06
Liquid filling machinery products are fruit juice filling machine, filling machine, filling machine, etc. , vinegar in the filling machine market occupies an important part of each liquid filling machine has different USES, is play a very important role in all walks of life. Due to our research and development as the filling machinery manufacturer is very professional, we will be responsible for their clients to the end, not only provides high-performance filling machinery and equipment, also provide very high quality products and services, today we introduced liquid filling machine in need to know and maintenance in the process of common sense: a. Note 1, liquid filling machine 220 v voltage, and ensure the good earth. 2, click on the touch screen can't pressure, lead to damage of touch screen. 3, click on the touch screen, finger to dry, do not use wet finger touch. 4, head downward welding, do not touch the tablet with the hand, otherwise it will cause high frequency burns and shock. 5, installation debugging, of the die cycle switch should be closed. 6, the liquid filling machine in debugging operations, limited to a single operation, otherwise very dangerous. 7, when the machine is running, please quickly & other; Emergency stop switch & throughout; Confirm the man-machine safety. 8, don't put his hand in the cutting tool parts, very dangerous. two Maintenance of common sense 1, every two to three months in bearing, guide, ball screw, cutting tools, servo screw, the blade into the lubricating oil, keep the machine smoothly. 2, not used for a long time, quantity of heat from time to time. 3, clean up the table, dishes and machine, dust and debris high drum, cleaning with air gun. 4, often clean servo roller, and make the surface treatment of clean filling machine use, maintenance, maintenance, etc are very concerned about the customer, we hope the above introduction can bring you more convenient.
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