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Liquid filling machine development in our country, analyzes market potential is tremendous

by:Xinmao     2021-02-19
Because of its special work principle, the production line which can realize the product from the raw material into the packaging equipment, after processing, transport, assembly, inspection and a series of production activities of route. The production line has great flexibility, can meet the needs of the many kinds of production. Filling machine production line of the application of food, medicine, cosmetic enterprises can be accomplished by high volume production, to help enterprises achieve the goal of high-speed production. In the past, the filling machine production line and not the user enterprise selection method. Is mainly the past filling machinery production line of the system has many shortcomings, including purchasing cost is high, the big and heavy equipment, installation difficulties, the high cost of maintenance and so on. Now, however, the defects of filling production line has been replaced by the advanced technology and a new filling production line system, more and more enterprises begin to pay close attention to and use of filling machine production line, they can begin to realize filling production line for its benefits. Filling production line in food, medicine, daily chemical production enterprises play an important role in optimizing the filling production line is directly related with the quality of the products and production efficiency, thus become the topic of the enterprises have to focus on mass production. In recent years, the beverage industry developing rapidly, carbonated drinks, juice drinks, vegetable juice drinks, containing milk beverage, bottled water, tea drinks, such as varieties enriched, on the production & quot; Red & quot; Makes the demand for equipment market has & quot; The bull market & quot; 。 Filling production line, all-round development of China's domestic beverage filling equipment is developed on the basis of the introduction of equipment and technology, in the eighty s, the introduction of a variety of beverage filling production line more than 300, including the beer filling line of more than 500. Introduction of filling production line is mainly divided into the following categories: glass bottle beverage filling line in the 80 s, the introduction of 116 glass bottle beverage filling line, mainly used for carbonated beverages, including more than 80 are introduced from the eastern European countries accounting trade way, including Romania 35, west Germany, Poland, the Czech republic in article 8 of article 30. To introduce foreign exchange way of filling line including Germany article 23, Japan 3, 1 article 6 in the u. s. , Italy. Production line main equipment are unloaded box machine, bottle-washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, printing machine, gas-water mixing machine, packing machine, etc. Online testing equipment with vacuum gauge, liquid level meter, filling capacity of 150, 200, 300 ~ 400 bottles/min. Cans beverage filling line & quot; Weaving & quot; During the cans beverage filling line 15, introduced into China at the same time the introduction of cans of beer filling line 14. Pet bottle filling production line, the introduction of pet bottle beverage filling line, a total of 6 ~ 7, including box machine, unloading machine, bottle-washing machine, filling machine, cap unscrewing machine, bottle machine, packing machine, etc. Filling capacity is 250 ml bottle is 400 ~ 500 bottles/min, 1250 ml bottle of 50 ~ 280 bottles/min. The main equipment manufacturers have the meyer and Germany SEN corp. Hefei light factory use Germany Krones company technology, produce polyester bottle beverage filling line, at present hefei light factory, nanjing light factory can produce glass bottles and polyester bottles of dual-use beverage filling line. Flexible packaging beverage filling line in our country successively from Sweden, the United States, Germany, France and other countries the introduction of flexible packaging beverage filling line, mainly include: Sweden tetra pak aseptic packaging machine & quot; Weaving & quot; During the introduction of more than 40, now there are more than 160 across the country, and tetra pak company in China Beijing, foshan, guangdong, jiangsu kunshan has composite board production line. The capacity of the existing various tetra pak cartons, high filling capacity of 7500 boxes/AB. Small and medium-sized beverage filling line level is not high, complete ability is poor, factory is more, most only provide washing bottle ( Wash tank) , filling, capping ( Can sealing) Equipment. Langfang packaging equipment manufacturing company will water treatment, refrigeration, saccharification, ingredients and the piping system manufacturer of group company, supply of complete sets of beverage filling equipment. Bottled water production line mainly including blunt bottle, filling and sealing, and water treatment and disinfection equipment.
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