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Laser printing machine

by:Xinmao     2021-02-01
Xinmao beverage filling machinery manufacturer to the indented style of CO2 laser marking machine for compact, modular characteristics, can provide a permanent high quality label code ( Including text, variable data, logo and two dimensional barcode) 。 Type of this kind of the power of technology is very suitable for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in the paper coating, coating materials such as metal and glass on the code. 1. About 1000 products per minute output speed, without any external cooling ( No cooling air or water) 。 2. Innovation of the modular design consists of the following three separate parts: controller, laser and laser wire. Very compact and solid laser can achieve zero & deg; & 90 deg; Laser beam orientation, and adopted the flexible connection cables ( 6 or 9 meters) 。 3. Developed by xinmao beverage filling machinery manufacturer of laser printing machine adopts modular cooling concept, realize the optimization of laser performance, higher reliability and lower laser light source operating costs ( Without cooling air) 。 4. Offers a variety of lens selection and diode assist in positioning, which can realize and effective integration of the production line and more product codes function. 5. Large size & other; Wysiwyg & throughout; Color touch screen provides intuitive icon and shortcut, can guarantee the user friendly operation.
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