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Large bottled water production line troubleshooting methods

by:Xinmao     2021-06-02

large bottled water production line troubleshooting methods: 1, bottled water production line water supply line number is not correct the defects in the bottled water production line can be observed in the course of using, especially in large scale in the process of filling material, bottled water filling quantity is not enough, liquid level is not stable, then can adjust the note at the top of the valve, increase injection amount, extend the timing, reduce the injection speed, solve the problem. After 2, bottled pure water production line production, the gutter. This may be due to the result of a damaged nozzle. In this case, the added after finish. Not more than seven aperture. 5 mm。 Repair after opening, use sand paper easily wipe the hole surface. If the fuel tank material port is no problem, the attached ball valve may be damaged. At this time, please change a new valve. 3, drum water production line stable water level, but not accurate filling volume. This is a common failure. Almost all of the reasons are filling channel by various types of water blockage, mainly from the fill hole and mizoguchi, only through check and clean up to solve it.
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