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Juice how to carry out the adjustment of the filling line before use work

by:Xinmao     2021-05-09
As a kind of common filling equipment, first fruit juice filling production line has been widely used in all kinds of fruit juice drinks, tea drinks hot filling production, at the same time, just change a few parts, can be used for pure water, mineral water filling, the operation is very convenient, is also very powerful. As users, to master the use of some juice filling production line method and the use of common failures treatment is necessary, below small make up for all detail introduce about the juice filling production line of some matters needing attention in use. Juice filling production line, the preparing work before use: 1, before using, to place the juice filling production line is smooth, look at us whether smooth, whether let go after the jump automatically. 2, check the beverage filling line on the surface of the vacuum pump oil position is correct, if not right should be adjusted ( As shown in the vacuum pump operation instruction) 。 3, filling production line, a good grounding, switching power supply, open the power switch, cover, check the vacuum pump operation is normal. Juice filling production line before use adjustment work: 1, selection of vacuum degree, extraction time, digital display, adjustable, juice filling line extraction time for digital rotary 0 Adjustable for 30 seconds. Adjust the length of extraction time, so as to achieve the required degree of vacuum. 2, the choice of heating temperature: according to the packaging material to choose the required heating temperature, heating temperature knob will be dispatched to the appropriate location. 3, the choice of heating time, heating time, digital display, adjustable, depending on the packaging materials and heating temperature, and adjust the heating time knob, select the appropriate heating time. Juice filling production line of matters needing attention in use: 1, after installed juice filling production line, must first to equipment of bottle filling machine, first to wipe and lubrication, then we could start up idle for 10 minutes. 2, unload for fluid pipe, must through to clear the pipe, and inside the cleaning fluid cylinder can add a small amount of detergent, and then discharge sewage, reoccupy clear water filling, rinse it further, and pipeline system, parking Sou net washing water after cleaning. 3, if filling different types of products, need to change the guide parts, choose a before upgrade, remember that bottle mouth damage cannot be used.
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