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Juice Hot Filling Pre-treatment Equipment

Juice Hot Filling Pre-treatment Equipment

Juice Hot Filling Pre-treatment Equipment
  • Juice Hot Filling Pre-treatment Equipment
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Juice Hot Filling Pre-treatment Equipment
Rated Capacity:
1 set
T/T, L/C, etc.
Delivery Time:
30 days
Port of Loading(Customized):
CE, SGS, ISO9001

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Juice Hot Filling Pre-treatment Equipment


A. A.UHT Tube Juice/Milk Pasteurization Sterilizer 

High thermal efficiency, 90% of the thermal energy can be recovered after the material is heated;

The temperature difference between the heating medium and the material is small, and gentle heating can be achieved. The heat exchange tube uses a corrugated tube. Both the material and the heat exchange medium work in a turbulent state. The heat ex- change efficiency is high, the scale is small, and the continuous working time of the sterilizer is increased.


High degree of automation, the entire process from CIP cleaning of equipment, steril- ization of equipment pipelines to sterilization of materials can be automatically con- trolled and recorded;

Sterilization temperature control is accurate and reliable: the system and steam pressure, flow rate, and material flow that affect the sterilization temperature are strictly and automatically controlled.


B. Plate Type Juice Sterilizer

Materials and heating media are heated in their own sealed systems through non-con- tact heat exchange to ensure material hygiene and safety;

The sterilization time is short, which can ensure that the nutritional ingredients of the material are not damaged;


All plate sterilizers are made of food-grade stainless steel to ensure that they meet the national safety and health requirements for beverage and food equipment;

Good heat transfer effect, high heat recovery rate and low energy consumption;

The main control components, valves and supporting parts are all imported parts with long service life;


The plate sterilizer adopts PLC control, which can automatically control the heating temperature, hot water temperature, and steam flow rate adjustment of each section of the material, and has an automatic material return system to ensure that the material reaches 100% of the sterilization effect;


C. Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilizer

Ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer is mainly used for high-temperature sterilization of fluid materials such as juice, milk, beverages and alcohol. The sterilization tempera- ture reaches 120 ° C and the discharge temperature reaches 60-85 °C. This machine uses two types of steam or thermal oil heated by electricity.


The general materials of UHT ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer are pumped into the hot and cold material heat exchange device of the sterilizer by the centrifugal pump and preheated. After passing through the high temperature barrel filled with high pressure, the material is quickly heated to the sterilization temperature and maintained before and after. About 6 seconds, the microorganisms and enzymes were quickly killed. After the material comes out of the high temperature barrel, it is cooled by heat exchange with cooling water, and the temperature is generally lower than 65 °C. If the next process needs to increase the temperature, it can be achieved by adjusting the angle cut-off valve or circulation, etc., and the discharge temperature is 85 °C. Otherwise, the cooling temperature is reduced to reduce the discharge temperature.


D. Fruit Juice/Milk Homogenizer

The homogenizer is a device for homogenizing and emulsifying liquid materials (liq- uid-liquid phase or liquid-solid phase) with a viscosity below 0.2 Pa.s and a tempera- ture below 80 °C.

It is mainly used in the food industry. Such as: homogenization and emulsification processes in the production of dairy products, beverages and other products.


Application of homogenizer in food processing: The homogenizer in food processing refers to the material's material liquid under the triple action of squeezing, strong impact and pressure loss expansion, so as not to delaminate, so that materials can be more evenly mixed with each other. For example, the use of a homogenizer in milk product processing can make the fat in milk broken more fine, so that the entire product system is more stable. The milk will look whiter.


E. Vacuum degasser for fruit juice processing

Vacuum degassing unit is composed of vacuum degasser, vacuum pump and centrifugal pump. It uses vacuum suction to remove air (oxygen) from materials, inhibit oxidation and browning, and improve product quality. At the same time, the gas attached to the suspended particles is removed to prevent the particles from floating and effective- ly improve the appearance of the product. It can also reduce foaming during filling and high-temperature sterilization, improve the appearance of the product, and reduce corrosion on the inner wall of the container. This machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, and the vacuum system design is advanced and reliable. It is a very important process equipment in fruit juice and food production.


In fruit juice processing, the deoxidation of fruit juice is mainly deaeration and deoxida- tion by vacuum method, that is, the juice is dispersed into a film or mist point under vacuum to deoxidize or other gases; the vacuum deaeration unit is suitable for various Fruit juice beverages or other liquid foods are degassed and deoxygenated under vacuum.

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