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Juice filling production line problem solution

by:Xinmao     2021-05-08
Juice filling production line is suitable for all kinds of fruit juice drinks, tea drinks hot filling production, mainly adopts the advanced micro gravity filling principle of negative pressure, has the advantage that the filling fast, steady, accurate, in use process, we will happen as a result of the production line running for a long period of time will a little fault, then the failure occurs when the juice filling production line, how can we solve, below small make up will give you a detailed analysis of six kinds of common faults zui juice filling production line. 1, after touching note material switch, time relay digital LED lights flashing, but no filling material first, first check whether the pressure is too low, if required by the pressure to conform to the standard, it may be due to the solenoid coil damage or pneumatic valve core was stolen card to death, then can adopt to pull the power supply, open the plate, with a twisted or press the corresponding button beside the solenoid coil, if the valve can reverse action, it indicates that the damage of solenoid coil, if not the reversing, is the valve core is jammed, can replace solenoid coil or decomposed valve repair. 2, close the juice dripping phenomenon after filling production line 1) Causes of this phenomenon is mainly due to the stacking nozzle orifice is damaged, this kind of circumstance can take out the filling material mouth trim orifice, the diameter of the orifice is not greater than 7. 5mm。 Fixed aperture on the water sand paper after grinding flat spot face gently. 2) Filling production thread ball valve damage, need to replace the ball valve. 3, stable liquid level, juice filling production line is accurate is the main cause of this phenomenon by sundry jam filling production line channel, just put the filling production line channel check and clean can. 4, adjust the digital dial code or unit, time is not change, then close to plug in the power supply. 5, juice filling line quantity are not allowed to be in the juice filling line large size, feed chute is insufficient, cause the liquid level is not stable, can increase mending shoes or to close small stacking overhead ball valve, reset the filling production line time ( Lengthen the period of filling material) To solve the slow filling production line speed. 6, touch switch after not fill material, time relay digital indicator LED flashing: note material switch damage or loose time relay base, replace the same note material switch or press tight time relay base.
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