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Juice filling machine and the high temperature of hot filling should have the basic function is introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-02-09
Juice filling machine and requires high temperature hot filling, mouth filling full function and automatic cycle system generally carbonate gas beverage filling machine is the positioning type or quantitative type, material always have a certain distance from the bottle. And ask for a material with filling juice filler, which have been pouring into the bottle mouth, full of residual air inside the bottle is rare, so can ensure that drink its not easy to be oxidized, thus maintain its quality for a long time. Hot filling requirements of fruit juice drinks after UHT instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization in 85 ℃ ~ 95 ℃ between a fixed value, and in a very short period of time filling end, belong to high temperature filling. Because juice filling machine and requires high temperature hot filling, mouth filling full functions, this request is equipped with automatic circulation system, to facilitate material circulation heating in low temperature and CIP cleaning cycles. Hot filling should possess the following features: 1, the flow control function. Materials design and production of hot filling machine perfusion is at the bottom of the valve core of the mouth, exhaust channels is a external backflow valve core, exhaust gas and liquid flow separately, when filling bottles of the air inside the discharge will not hinder the material flow, avoid the influence for exhaust every valve filling unity, such not only ensure the juice in the process of the filler perfusion material backflow is also easy to control the filling of the bottle after the recycling of materials. 2, automatic cycle function. According to the hot filling beverage production process requirement, before and after thermal filling machine boot, or midway stop drink temperature drop caused by material cylinder, the heat is required to be set temperature to the filling into drinks, on the other hand, juice filling machine continuous production over a period of time, or exchange frequency must be clean for channel filling materials circulation. So hot filling machine should have a perfect automatic cycle system. 3, bottle filling and conveying. Heat-resistant PET bottle filling machine filling at high temperature, the two-way stretch PET heat shrink, shrinkage rate is usually 1% to 3%, and the intensity of the bottleneck part, this request is used when filling card bottle positioning way the most reasonable, avoid the bottle by the interaction between the external force and deformation. At the same time, filling in good drinks, the use of card bottle conveying, can avoid the bottle is being squeezed from vibration and material of overflow. 4, with filling. At present domestic commonly used juice filling machine hot filling method has two kinds, one kind is filling valve into the fluid channel and circumfluence channel is open and close it step by step; Another kind is filling valve into the fluid channel and circumfluence is synchronous open and close. In to fully digesting and absorbing foreign technology, on the basis of development and design a unique thermal filler filling valve. Filling valve materials perfusion has two mouth, in the lower part of the valve core, so take up the bottle head parts of the valve core space is little, filling, filling valve inserted inside the bottle, at the end of filling, due to the filling valve into the fluid channel and circumfluence channel is step by step and, in turn, closed, valve leave the bottle, the occupied volume, beverage to supplement the perfusion by circumfluence channel, so that it can ensure beverage with the whole bottle, namely full filling. Juice drinks usually USES the high temperature hot filling and aseptic cold filling two kinds of methods, because of many constraints, is that the former is generally used to domestic companies. Making fruit juice beverage process is strict, from PET bottle filling machine technology, the production line operational, drinks quality such as comprehensive comparison, selects the hot filling process is more economic and reliable.
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