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Juice beverage market huge need for research into more new beverage machinery and equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-05-07
Beverage industry is already a mature industry, new hot spots and growth, growing faster emerging drinks, liquid filling beverage machinery market has great potential for development. Fruit juice beverage machinery industry although the total number of workers and the enterprise is more, but weak industry research. Some of the cutting-edge technology in the industry, such as temperature, super high, supercritical fluid extraction, membrane separation, radiation, vacuum, etc. Only by a court is unable to complete, be badly in need of enterprise investment. Fruit juice market in China is huge, have very good development space. Along with the rapid development of science and technology for fruit juice beverage machinery for more in-depth research, through the investment of high and new technology research and development more new advanced beverage machinery and equipment, can provide better service for the beverage market. To domestic beverage filling machinery industry rapid development, you need to actively participate in international competition, and keep moving forward in the direction of the high-tech. In the future, liquid filling machine on technical development toward the modularization, intelligent control, mechanical function diversification development, standardization of structure design, structure and high precision.
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